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Geek Girls Roundtable #2 (Bonus: Collaboration)

February 09, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 2, Sodes 1 Comment →

We will be back to our reguarly scheduled posting very very soon- we have 3 extremely “crunchy” episodes in the pipeline that we hope you’ll love.  Just a lot of travel and personal crap going on right now that is delaying our normal schedule.  But soon!  Very soon!

In the meantime- check out Part 2 of the Geek Girls Rule Roundtable.  Not as structured as part 1, but Meg announces a “secret”…  wait for it… wait for it…

Reposted from Mickey’s site.  Enjoy!


Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 9, Part II – Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters

Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters – The final chapter.

Kristin of This Modern Death, Meg from the Brilliant Gameologists, Jenn from the Trapcast and myself finish our conversation from Part I.

Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress
Magic the Gathering
Wizards of the Coast
Burning Wheel
Prime Time Adventures
Ryan Macklin
Valerie Strangiato
Charlie’s Kids Evolution Map
Bad Astronomer
George Hrab
Design Toscano

Geek Girls Roundtable (Bonus: Collaboration)

February 05, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 2, Sodes Comments Off on Geek Girls Roundtable (Bonus: Collaboration)

Because I’m so horribly late getting our new episodes out, here’s a show that I (Meg) am featured on to tide you over.

Mickey from the podcast “Geek Girls Rule” had me, Kristen from This Modern Death and Jenn from TrapCast on to talk about Gaming Girl Sterotypes.  We recorded over skype, so excuse the quality, but it was a blast to nerd up with some other ladies.

This is just a repost of Mickey’s show.


Geek Girls Rule! Podcast #9 Part I – Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters

Ok, so this is part one of the Girl Gaming Podcasters Podcast hosted on Geek Girls Rule!  Kristin from “This Modern Death,” Meg from “The Brilliant Gameologists” and Jenn from “The Trap Cast” joined me via Skype for over two hours of giggling chaos.

In this half of the podcast, we discuss how we got into gaming, bad gamer girl stereotypes, the health of my hedgehog Wash and other critters, and what we’re currently playing, as well as pimping our separate podcasts.

Brilliant Gameologists – Meg
This Modern Death – Kristin
The Trap Cast – Jenn

Dungeons & Dragons
Little Fears
Unhallowed Metropolis
Burning Wheel (don’t let the front page fool you)
Faery’s Tale
Bad Female Gamer Archetypes
Bad Male Gamer Archetypes

Sode #33: Special LIVE Episode! Happy Birthday Meg!

January 11, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 2, Sodes 3 Comments →

Meg with birthday muffin

Part 1: Pre-recording!

Join the Brilliant Gameologists on January 8th at 9:00 EST/ 6:00 PST P.M. on UStream: Come in and chat with us and we’ll answer questions live on air. Plus, it’s a chance to say Happy Birthday to Meg!

The official topic is Gaming Parties- how to throw your own gaming themed party- birthdays, holidays, “because it’s Saturday” etc. Play role-playing games, tabletop games and board games for fun and profit! Well, fun at least.

Let us know if you’re coming! Comment here, RSPV on our Facebook event page, or on UStream or on our boards in THIS thread.

Part 2: Post-Recording!

Here’s the show, completely unedited and as heard by the 31 members in our chatroom!  Warning- we are all over the place and it won’t offend us if you don’t listen to it!  This is complete total bonus and has zero gaming advice.  We will do some of these periodically for those interested in our personalities, but know that if you tune in for gaming content, just skip these ones.

We listed some of our favorite podcasts in this show based on a question from the chatroom.  They are:






Discuss this episode on our Message Boards in THIS thread!

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences.

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