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BG-Bonus-Meg’s BW Recap

January 26, 2011 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 3, Sodes Comments Off on BG-Bonus-Meg’s BW Recap

We’re still recovering from holidays, so in the meantime, check out Meg talking about the BG’s Burning Wheel game on The Podge Cast.

No Thank You!

This is NOT a Brilliant Gameologists episode, but rather a “party” episode wherein we appear on other people’s shows.  So don’t start here, but take a listen in prep for our post-holiday return!

Hint: Meg doesn’t like Burning Wheel very much!

There is some discussion of this episode at The Spookyouthouse Forums


November 01, 2010 By: Meg Category: Shorts, Sodes 4 Comments →

The Short for November 1, 2010

Where We Be:

  • PlayDate: is still scheduled for December 11th, 2010!  Make your plans now!
  • Josh and Zeke are at silly places, but Meg is in Anaheim, CA THIS Wed-Sunday!  If you are anywhere in the area, help her be less bored!

Podcast of the Week:

Hot Game of the Week:

Question of the Week

  • What game books should we look at for our upcoming Peritextual Elements #2 Episode? We’re looking for good and poor examples of:
    • Covers
    • Borders and page numbers
    • Illustrations
    • Font
    • Opening/ Ending material (dedications, etc)
    • Indexes/ Glossaries
  • Post on our Discussions!

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  6. Call us and leave a message (click to see message suggestions) (206) 424-4751
  7. Say hi in person- check out the schedule of where we’ll be appearing under the News Category of our website.

This episode, like all of our episodes, is “Not Safe For Work.” Use headphones or at least look around a bit and see if your co-workers can hear.

A Very Special Episode: The Intervention of Josh

January 22, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 2, Sodes 2 Comments →

The Bad Boys of Podcasting first project is here and tackles a very important issue that we’ve all been affected by.

Josh is an asshole.

Peer into the inner depths of each of the following podcasters and join us in Josh’s healing process.

Intervention Moderator:

Intervention Participants:

Intervention Target:

The music featured was Adhesion’s “Float Up from Depth” found on the Podshow’s Podsafe Music Network

This intervention was recorded over skype.

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences.

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