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Sode-301-The Obama Baby Bump (BS)

November 19, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 3, Sodes 5 Comments →

This episode was recorded live on November 18, 2009.  It is completely unedited except for calling out our intermission and had over 90 people viewing.  There were people in the chatroom contributing ideas as well.

Our favorite fat, bearded men

Our favorite fat, bearded men


  • Brant– our blamestorm includes him for being too man-pretty and distracting us.
  • Adam– Thank you.  You are officially the BG’s savior.
  • We won the Best Gaming Podcast at the Parsecs!!
  • Epidiah Ravachol: Author of Dread, Time and Temp, Swords without Masters, and overall cool dude.

We’ve been playing:

Fatbeards are ruining the Hobistry

  • Fatbeard self check
  • You might be a fatbeard if…
  • Why they are ruining the hobistry
  • How to avoid fatbeard tendencies


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Laziness and Procrastination

We didn’t get to this.  We will have another live episode on Sunday, November 22nd at 8EST to have part 2 of this sode!  Join us to discuss why gamers are inherently lazy and time saving techniques!  We are going to try to have this as a call in episode, so stay tuned for details


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Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences.

Don’t call it a comeback…

November 12, 2009 By: Meg Category: News 6 Comments →

But we’re coming back!

I got a clock mothafucka!

I got a clock mothafucka!

Tune in for our LIVE show November 18, 2009- Wednesday- at 9:00 EST on our ustream channel: and chime in on the topics of Fatbeards, Time-wasters and procrastination, and where we’ve been these past months.  Ask us where we’ve been!  Let us explain what we’ve been doing with our time off!  And then express your views on how Fatbeards and Laziness are ruining the Gaming Hobbistry.

Controversy and hilarity WILL ensue!

Sode #33: Special LIVE Episode! Happy Birthday Meg!

January 11, 2009 By: Meg Category: Party, Season 2, Sodes 3 Comments →

Meg with birthday muffin

Part 1: Pre-recording!

Join the Brilliant Gameologists on January 8th at 9:00 EST/ 6:00 PST P.M. on UStream: Come in and chat with us and we’ll answer questions live on air. Plus, it’s a chance to say Happy Birthday to Meg!

The official topic is Gaming Parties- how to throw your own gaming themed party- birthdays, holidays, “because it’s Saturday” etc. Play role-playing games, tabletop games and board games for fun and profit! Well, fun at least.

Let us know if you’re coming! Comment here, RSPV on our Facebook event page, or on UStream or on our boards in THIS thread.

Part 2: Post-Recording!

Here’s the show, completely unedited and as heard by the 31 members in our chatroom!  Warning- we are all over the place and it won’t offend us if you don’t listen to it!  This is complete total bonus and has zero gaming advice.  We will do some of these periodically for those interested in our personalities, but know that if you tune in for gaming content, just skip these ones.

We listed some of our favorite podcasts in this show based on a question from the chatroom.  They are:






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Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences.

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