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ENnies Voting is Open!

July 29, 2009 By: Meg Category: News, Season 3, Sodes 4 Comments →

Brilliant Gameologists was nominated for an ENnie. Voting ends on August 1st, so vote now!

Best Podcast is category #17.  But if you need some suggestions for other great products (and there are a bunch!) check out our Suggested Ballot.

Please vote, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and help us spread the word!  Help us and win prizes and help us plan our acceptance speech!

Vote today!

Show: If Elected…

BG is nominated for an ENnie!

July 15, 2009 By: Meg Category: News Comments Off on BG is nominated for an ENnie!

We submitted on a whim and it paid off!  We join 4 others in the category of Best Gaming Podcast.  The nominees are:

Voting will begin on July 24th and close August 1 by visiting

We need your vote!  Get your friends to vote, your family, your co-workers, strangers, whatever!

We’re going to work on Campaign Slogans to show how worthy we are of this prize.  Check this thread for updates!

Go us!!!

And while you’re at it, consider voting for Mouse Guard for Product of the Year.  It was the underdog that won the Origin’s Award and totally deserves this one too!

Sode #23: 7 Things We Hate About the Gameosphere (Meta 06)

September 28, 2008 By: Meg Category: Casual, Season 2, Sodes 5 Comments →

This episode is part of the Secret Code Contest! Get your entries in by October 17th!


Each time we record, we watch a video or find a picture to get us in the mood for the episode. It doesn’t always have anything to do with the episode, but frames our minds, so we’re going to share so you can be appropriately framed as well.


  • Since we’re doing a contest with 4 other podcasts, we thought it only appropriate to introduce you to them! And what better way to meet them than by a gameshow. Introducing the first episode of “Who Wants to Date a Gaming Podcaster?” with your host, Chaz!

Douchebag of the Week:

  • The Boardtard

Main Topic:

The 7 Things We Hate About the Gameosphere

  1. Douchebaggery
  2. Ed Greenwood
  3. Video “Gamers”
  4. World of Darkness
  5. Gaming Reviews
  6. Fear the Boot
  7. … you’ll have to listen to find out!

Random Plugs:

Reminder- we put show updates and random goodies on Meg’s Twitter. Don’t miss out!

Email us at

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Warning: This episode is roughly PG-13’ish rated. Our usual episodes are Explicit but we tried to stay “clean” with this one, though it still may not be work safe.

Sode #20: GenCon Recap (Meta 05)

September 08, 2008 By: Meg Category: Con Report, Party, Season 2, Sodes 5 Comments →

We’re back from GenCon! It’s taken a while to recover. We fully admit to being the last podcast to put out their GenCon recap, but hopefully it was worth it.

We talked about quite a few products in this episode:

Favorite Publishers:

Cam Banks and Jamie Chambers from Margaret Weis Productions

Pelgrane Press with Robin Laws for the Gumshoe System

Fantasy Flight Games for Grimm

Paradigm Concepts for Witch Hunter: The Invisible World

McNeil Designs for Reader’s Digest vocab game

Dark Matter for Epic RPG

Interesting Buys:

Mispent Youth by Robert Bohl

Factions at War by Other Court Games

Cool People:

Luke Meyer from The Podgecast

Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front

Rob and Fraser from The Accidental Survivors


The Brilliant Fanologists!

The ENies:

We gave the prepared statement:

“The ENnies need to make serious format changes if they’d like to be taken seriously as an award.”

Discuss this episode on our Message Boards in THIS thread and find out how you can get your very own boob-curve business cards!

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit and is Not Work Safe. It is intended for adult audiences.

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