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Gen Con, woooo!!Many animals were harmed in the filming of this event

Join Meg and Josh and the holographic, call in image of Zeke at Gen Con!

All seminars are 1 hour

7 Words You Can’t Say While Gaming (SEM1013636)

Time: 8/6 Friday 11:00 am

Location: Westin : Capitol I

Description: Join the hosts of the Award winning podcast Brilliant Gameologists and learn words that will bring out the worst emotions in your gaming group and will counter the real message- either names you could call players (Munchkin, Powergamer, Drama Queen, Rules Lawyer, Meta-gamer) or whining to your GM (It’s not fair! It’s not realistic! You are railroading us!). Learn alternatives to name calling that are just as fun and clarify the real problems.

Humor in Podcasting (SEM1013923)

Time: 8/6 Friday 12:00

Location: Westin : Caucus

Description: Join the Parsec award winning Brilliant Gameologists as the discuss what is funny, and what is not funny. Different kinds of humor and “How to be funny on a podcast.” A must attend for anyone who likes to make people laugh, or laugh themselves.

A Salon on Gameology (SEM1013637)

Time: 8/6 Friday 4:00 pm

Location: Embassy Suites : Coronation I

Description: Salon: An 18th Century term meaning “A periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction.” Gameology: The study of games and the people who play them. The Brilliant Gameologists: An award winning podcast about games and the people who play them. Come join us for a facilitated, interactive discussion about Gaming, the Gaming Hobistry and some nerd-erific jargon-tastic fun.

The Greatest Seminar Ever (SEM1013686)

Time: 8/7 Saturday 11:00 AM

Location: Marriott : Indiana Blrm F

Description: Come to this seminar ready to laugh and love with the award winning podcast Brilliant Gameologists as you share your best (and worst) gaming stories. There will be punch AND pie!

Sode #37) Problem Solving 1: Bad Communication (Don’t Kick People Out Pt 2)

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Each time we record, we watch a video or find a picture to get us in the mood for the episode. It doesn’t always have anything to do with the episode, but frames our minds, so we’re going to share so you can be appropriately framed as well.

  • Aww!  This dog wants to catch the squirrel of his dreams so badly!
  • Do you remember the Watchmen Saturday Morning Cartoon?
  • We retold our Writer’s Retreat in Las Vegas stories.  Funnier than any link we could follow.


Meg played:

We ask for feedback

Problem Solving #1) The list of Don’ts

1 – Criticize someone while talking to them

“if you weren’t so lazy or stupid we wouldn’t have these problems.”

criticizing, blame, judgments, put downs, diagnoses

2 – Deny responsibility

Putting responsibility on some thing else (a person thing or institution)

“Daddy and I are splitting up because you cry”

take responsibility for your own actions

3 – Use words that imply evaluation not observation

“I feel raped”

I statements are shit

attacked, blamed, criticized, insulted, isolated

4 – Fail at active listening

No autobiographical statements – don’t “one up” them

“You think you have it bad…”

No inquisitive questions – don’t interrogate them

”really? How far up the ass?”

5 – Try to solve their problems

“What you need to do is grow a beard”

this is “problem solving” not “actually solving problems”


Meet the Gameologists!

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The Brilliant Gameologists will be at two upcoming con events- come and hang out!

November 22nd: New England Fan Experience

Brilliant Gameologists are presenting two panels at NEFE and will be hanging from the Friday night through Saturday night at the con hotel. If you are going, make sure you stop by and say hi!

Where: Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MA

When: November 21-23, 2008


10:00 A.M. WILLIAM DAWES B: A Salon on Gameology

8:00 P.M. THOMAS PAYNE A: 7 Words You Can’t Say While Gaming

Check out the full schedule!

December 6th: JiffyCon/ V3: One Shot Game Day

JiffyCon Lowell was rescheduled for December 6 and is now combined with Veni, Vidi, Venatus (I came, I saw, I gamed) led by the PodgeCast. A chance to come and play a new game with other cool folks- including of course, us! The JiffyCon side will feature one shots of indie games- some published, some not, and the Game Day side will feature some more popular traditional games that you haven’t had a chance to try- perhaps some Burning Wheel or 4th Edition D&D for example. There will also be a Board Game Corner so you can be introduced to new and exciting board games you’ve never even heard of! This event is proudly supported by Myriad Games in Salem, NH.

Where: Middlesex Community College- Lowell Campus

When: December 6, 9:00 am to Question Mark!

Sode #24: Rule 0 (System 03)

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Each time we record, we watch a video or find a picture to get us in the mood for the episode. It doesn’t always have anything to do with the episode, but frames our minds, so we’re going to share so you can be appropriately framed as well.


  • Couple of days left for the Secret Code Contest! Get your entries in by October 17th!
  • We make an apology of sorts for one of the items listed in the “7 Things We Hate” episode.
  • JiffyCon! We meant to have a news item about this and … oops. But at least it’s written! JiffyCon is almost here- we’re still looking for another GM or two, specializing in little known or Indie Games, and of course would love to see anyone who can make it to come! We’ll help you… nay… guarantee you’ll have a good time!


  • Josh went to Providence Anime Conference and rubs it in our face. Won some cool (and sexy) prizes including one for being voted “Biggest Whore”

Douchebag of the Week:

  • The Sycophant

Main Topic:

Rule Zero

  • Rule 0 etymology and definition
  • Oberoni Fallacy
  • House Rules used to mean:
    • Game Design
    • Modding
    • World Building
    • House Rules
  • Corner Cases
  • Fudging Rolls
  • GM= God?
  • Cows… From… Space!

Commercial Break

The Brilliant Gameologists’ Message Boards are sure to cure whatever ails you!  Did you know we have areas for:

Almost better than Porn!

Random Plugs:

Oberoni Fallacy- as originally stated:

Originally posted by Oberoni on the D&D general board July 23, 2002:

This my my take on the issue

Let’s say Bob the board member makes the assertion:

“There is an inconsistency/loophole/mechanics issue with Rule X.”

Several correct replies can be given:

  • “I agree, there is an inconsistency/loophole/mechanics issue with Rule X.”
  • “I agree, and it is easily solvable by changing the following part of Rule X.”
  • “I disagree, you’ve merely misinterpreted part of Rule X. If you reread this part of Rule X, you will see there is no inconsistency/loophole/mechanics issue.”

Okay, I hope you’re with me so far.
There is, however, an incorrect reply:

  • “There is no inconsistency/loophole/mechanics issue with Rule X, because you can always Rule 0 the inconsistency/loophole/mechanics issue.

Now, this incorrect reply does not in truth agree with or dispute the original statement in any way, shape, or form.

It actually contradicts itself–the first part of the statement says there is no problem, while the last part proposes a generic fix to the “non-problem.”

It doesn’t follow the rules of debate and discussion, and thus should never be used.

Simple enough.


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Email us at

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Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit and is Not Work Safe. It is intended for adult audiences.

Sode #20: GenCon Recap (Meta 05)

September 08, 2008 By: Meg Category: Con Report, Party, Season 2, Sodes 5 Comments →

We’re back from GenCon! It’s taken a while to recover. We fully admit to being the last podcast to put out their GenCon recap, but hopefully it was worth it.

We talked about quite a few products in this episode:

Favorite Publishers:

Cam Banks and Jamie Chambers from Margaret Weis Productions

Pelgrane Press with Robin Laws for the Gumshoe System

Fantasy Flight Games for Grimm

Paradigm Concepts for Witch Hunter: The Invisible World

McNeil Designs for Reader’s Digest vocab game

Dark Matter for Epic RPG

Interesting Buys:

Mispent Youth by Robert Bohl

Factions at War by Other Court Games

Cool People:

Luke Meyer from The Podgecast

Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front

Rob and Fraser from The Accidental Survivors


The Brilliant Fanologists!

The ENies:

We gave the prepared statement:

“The ENnies need to make serious format changes if they’d like to be taken seriously as an award.”

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Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit and is Not Work Safe. It is intended for adult audiences.

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