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Episode 401: How We Spent Our Summer (and winter (and spring)) Vacation

April 23, 2012 By: Meg Category: Casual, Con Report, Season 4, Sodes 6 Comments →

Holy crap, we’re BACK!

This was recorded in 3 separate settings, officially making this the longest podcast in waiting yet (that has been released anyway). 

We had fun Summer 2011!

Gencon 2011:

DragonCon 2011:



ColbertCon 2011:

ZooCon 2011:
  • Franklin Park Zoo had lots of balls

We had a very Maine Winter Holiday

  • Thanksgiving
  • Jamaica¬†Plain is super Hipster

Spring had Lambs and Lions!


Want to contact us?













Sode #40 (Bonus 11): I-con with Robert Bohl

May 01, 2009 By: Josh Category: Con Report, Party, Season 2, Sodes, Uncategorized 5 Comments →


This week we were joined by

We discuss our trip to I-con


Sode #20: GenCon Recap (Meta 05)

September 08, 2008 By: Meg Category: Con Report, Party, Season 2, Sodes 5 Comments →

We’re back from GenCon! It’s taken a while to recover. We fully admit to being the last podcast to put out their GenCon recap, but hopefully it was worth it.

We talked about quite a few products in this episode:

Favorite Publishers:

Cam Banks and Jamie Chambers from Margaret Weis Productions

Pelgrane Press with Robin Laws for the Gumshoe System

Fantasy Flight Games for Grimm

Paradigm Concepts for Witch Hunter: The Invisible World

McNeil Designs for Reader’s Digest vocab game

Dark Matter for Epic RPG

Interesting Buys:

Mispent Youth by Robert Bohl

Factions at War by Other Court Games

Cool People:

Luke Meyer from The Podgecast

Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front

Rob and Fraser from The Accidental Survivors


The Brilliant Fanologists!

The ENies:

We gave the prepared statement:

“The ENnies need to make serious format changes if they’d like to be taken seriously as an award.”

Discuss this episode on our Message Boards in THIS thread and find out how you can get your very own boob-curve business cards!

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit and is Not Work Safe. It is intended for adult audiences.

Sode #3: GenCon Recap (Meta 002). Indianapolis feels like vagina

August 26, 2007 By: Meg Category: Con Report, Party, Season 1, Sodes 1 Comment →

The Gameologists discuss their favorite parts of GenCon:

  • Josh- Socialization
  • Zeke- The quality of the games
  • Meg- Boobies


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