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BG-403-Extreme Closeup

May 18, 2012 By: Meg Category: Season 4, Sodes, Thematic Comments Off on BG-403-Extreme Closeup

Have you taken the survey yet? And did you put in complementary comments about us? I mean come on, who else talks about porn like this?


Choosing an RPG is like choosing your porn. We talk about porn, play some in the background, and read a little. Probably unsafe-er for work than normal.

Segments Include:

People have died
  • Junior Seau


    I suspect the Mooninites

  • Kurt Cobain, still dead
  • Adam Yauch
  • Strawmen
  • Other stuff
Why are we mature?
  • 6 fart jokes and a dick reference
  • Milk toast definition for others who don’t know what it is (edit from Josh: That’s quite the eggcorn but it is milquetoast)
  • Going there to go there? Or just there naturally?
  • How mature do your games go without even trying?

Taste in RPGs is like your taste in Porn


  • Listen along as we experience each other’s porn choices
  • Zeke is predictable
  • Meg likes to imagine really doing it
  • Josh is a weird mofo
  • Meg screws with people who haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods










Episode 402: Too Soon?

May 01, 2012 By: Meg Category: Season 4, Sodes 1 Comment →

Too Soon? Too Soon to joke about deaths? Too Soon to loudy interject our real family into an episode (’cause the baby, the toddler, and the dog interjected in this episode a LOT)? Or Too Soon to actually put out another episode?

While you are pondering, take the Podcast Listener Survey! Now! And put in complementary comments about our fine features!


Segments Include:



People Died

Grinds My Gears

  • What do you think of the phrase Dime a Dozen?

RPGs as Kid’s Shows

  • Wonderpets is either brilliant or brilliantly horrible. And no one is voting for the former
  • It reminds us of Burning Wheel
  • What Kid’s Shows remind you of RPGs? Or vice versa?

The Culture War

  • Based on the Book
  • Are you Progressive or Orthodoxy?


  • Should you drink at the game table?
Other Questions
  • What do you think of our interstitials? What should we go with?
  • Are you pro or con Ming Ming?
  • Do you like our new format? Psych, I don’t care what you say, we’re doin’ it.

Want to contact us?

Episode 401: How We Spent Our Summer (and winter (and spring)) Vacation

April 23, 2012 By: Meg Category: Casual, Con Report, Season 4, Sodes 6 Comments →

Holy crap, we’re BACK!

This was recorded in 3 separate settings, officially making this the longest podcast in waiting yet (that has been released anyway). 

We had fun Summer 2011!

Gencon 2011:

DragonCon 2011:



ColbertCon 2011:

ZooCon 2011:
  • Franklin Park Zoo had lots of balls

We had a very Maine Winter Holiday

  • Thanksgiving
  • Jamaica Plain is super Hipster

Spring had Lambs and Lions!


Want to contact us?













BG-400-Promise to America

October 07, 2011 By: Josh Category: Season 4 14 Comments →

Here we are again on our own, walking down the only road we’ve ever known…

We return triumphantly for a 4th season.  Hot, sweaty and full of vinegar.

This episode is a teaser for what is to come this season, the first real episode will be out ASAP or sooner.

We talk about changes, hopes and expectations:

  • More Listener involvement – Feedback, Questions, Free Zekey Rides,
  • More Show Promotion – Get your grass roots on.
  • We are going to work on a game – it worked so well for fear the boot we just had to
  • Work on our Bono Fides
  • Review some games
  • Shorter Shows (and more of them)
  • Meg will Blog
  • Guests
  • Funny and educational
  • Battered Bear
  • Moose Toe


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