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Author Topic: Psionic Naruto Builds v2.0  (Read 42725 times)
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Grape ape
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« on: October 11, 2009, 02:15:37 PM »

Greeting all!

This thread will be a repost from Disposable_Hero's Psionic Naruto Builds, since it seems the original thread died, and to update it accordingly...

Let it begin!

Note: Unless stated otherwise, the credits for the posts below go to Disposable_Hero.

Naruto Techniques translated into Psionic Powers:
Techniques: Fire Element
Techniques: Water Element
Techniques: Lightning Element
Techniques: Earth Element
Techniques: Ice Element
Techniques: Genjutsu
Techniques: Sealing Techniques
Techniques: Forbidden Techniques
Techniques: Other Techniques
Clan and Individual techniques: Konoha
Clan and Individual techniques: Sand
Clan and Individual techniques: Sound
Akatsuki General Techniques
Bloodline Limits

Builds (grouped by character and author)

Konoha Shinobi:

Shodai Hokage
Sandaime Hokage
Team 7

Uzumaki Naruto
Uchiha Sasuke
Haruno Sakura
Hatake Kakashi
Team 8

Inuzuka Kiba
Hyuuga Hinata
Aburame Shino
Team Gai

Hyuuga Neji
Rock Lee
Maito Gai
Team 10

Akimichi Chouji
Yamanaka Ino
Nara Shikamaru
Sarutobi Asuma
Other Shinobi of Konoha

Mitarashi Anko
Umino Iruka

Sand Shinobi

Sound Shinobi
Yakushi Kabuto
Kaguya Kimimaro
The Sound Four

Uchiha Itachi
Hoshigake Kisame
Akasuna no Sasori


Other Shinobi
Momochi Zabuza
Fuujin and Raijin
Kurosuki Raiga and Ranmaru
Ei, Yondaime Raikage

Naruto Monsters

Edit: Tried to make the index look easier to navigate...
Edit2: added spoilerblocks to the builds....
Edit3: added links for Shodai Hokage and Sandaime Hokage to the index, under Konoha Shinobi
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Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2009, 02:16:33 PM »

Katon - Used primarily in the series by the surviving brothers of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke and Itachi, represented by the use of fire type energy powers. Gamayu Endan is a specialty combination technique used by Jiraiya and Gamabunta.

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Fire Element: Grand Fireball Technique - Energy Ball: Fire
Katon: Karyuu Endan - Fire Element: Fire Dragon Missile - Energy Ray: Fire
Katon: Housenka no Jutsu - Fire Element: Phoenix Flame Technique - Energy Barrage: Fire (Complete Psionic)
Katon: Housenka no Jutsu - Fire Element: Phoenix Flame Technique - Shatterstorm: Fire Damage Augment (Hyperconscious) - Sasuke during the chunin exam used at one point a variant of Housenka no Jutsu where his blasts of fire concealed a barrage of shuriken, which is well replicated by Hyperconscious' Shatterstorm augmented with fire damage.
Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu - Fire Element: Dragon Fire Technique - Energy Stun: Fire
Katon: Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - Fire Element: Mist Waltz Technique - Energy Cone: Fire
Katon: Gamayu Endan - Fire Element: Toad Oil Fireball - Energy Ball: Fire
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Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2009, 02:17:20 PM »

Suiton - Used in the early stages of the series by Hatake Kakashi and Momochi Zabuza the suiton techniques are most commonly employed by shinobi from the hidden village of mist, they are represented by cold type energy powers. In the later stages of the series and in the manga Hoshigaki Kisame of the Akatsuki makes use of a number of suiton jutsu. The Suitaihou technique is unique to the frog king Gamabunta.

Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu - Water Element: Water Dragon Blast Technique - Energy Lance: Cold (Complete Psionic)
Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu - Water Element: Grand Waterfall Technique - Energy Cone: Cold
Suiton: Suijinheki - Water Element: Sheltering Wave - Energy Nullification Field (Complete Psionic)
Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu - Water Element: Water Shark Blast Technique - Energy Ray: Cold
Suiton: Baku Suishouha - Water Element: Colliding Wave - Energy Wave: Cold
Suigadan - Water Fang Projectile - Energy Stun: Cold
Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique - Entangling Ectoplsam
Suishouha - Water Collision Destruction - Energy Burst: Cold
Suitaihou - Water Cannonball - Energy Ball: Cold
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Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2009, 02:18:10 PM »

Raiton - The only lightning element technique to make its way into the series prior to the appearance of Raiga in episode 153 is Kakashi and Sasuke's chidori, which I've covered in the section of Kekkei Genkai as it is an incomplete technique without the sharingan.

Raizou Izakuchi Wo Utte - Lightning Strike - Energy Bolt: Lightning
Raikyuu - Lightning Ball - Energy Ball: Lightning
Ninpou Ikazuchi no Kiba - Ninja Art: Ikazchi's Fangs - Energy Missile: Lightning
Ninpou Rairyuu no Tatsumaki - Ninja Art: Lightning Dragon Tornado - Tornado Blast
Raigeki no Yoroi - Lightning Strike Armor - Energy Retort: Lightning

Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2009, 02:18:55 PM »

Doton - Earth element techniques are used in the series primarily by Sarutobi the third hokage, and by Jiroubou of the four sounds that formed Orochimaru's personal bodyguards.

Doton: Doryo Dango - Earth Element: Mud Dumpling - Shatterstorm (Hyperconscious)
Doton: Doroku Gaeshi - Earth Element: Mud Shield - Mental Barrier
Doton: Doryuuheki - Earth Element: Mudslide Barrier - Wall of Ectoplasm (Square Wall)
Doton: Kekkai Doroutoumu - Earth Element: Destruction Mud Prison - Wall of Ectoplasm (Hemisphere)
Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu - Earth Element: Inner Decapitation - Ectoplasmic Form (during approach), Ectoplasmic Cocoon (during finish)
Doton: Doryuu Taiga - Earth Element: River of Mud - Greater Stomp (Complete Psionic)
Doton: Yomi Nima - Earth Element: Underworld Swamp - Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon

Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2009, 02:19:31 PM »

Hyouton – The Ice element techniques of Naruto are used exclusively in the movie. They are native to the shinobi of the snow country, and are copied several times by Kakashi. Ice element and water element attacks can but don't need to be differentiated by use of the Paraelemental Power (Complete Psionic) metapsionic feat, specifically the ice option.

Hyouton Tsubame Fubuki – Ice Element: Swallow Attack – Energy Missile: Cold Hyouro no Jutsu – Ice Prison – Energy Wall: Cold
Hyouton Haryuu Muuko – Ice Element: Piercing Dragon – Energy Ray: Cold
Hyouton Itsukaku Hakuegei – Ice Element: One Horned Whale – Energy Wave: Cold Hyouton Rouga Nadare no Jutsu – Ice Element: Wolf's Fang Avalanche Technique – Energy Bolt: Cold
Hyouton Kokuryuu Boufuusetsu – Ice Element: Black Dragon Blizzard – Disintegrate
Hyouton Souryuu Boufuusetsu - Ice Element: Twin Dragon Blizzard - Tornado Blast

Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2009, 02:21:26 PM »

Genjutsu - While genjutsu represents a massive array of techniques and effects by name in the series, they all boil down to a small array of powers. Those would be effects that manipulate the senses (False Sensory Input) effects that induce a compulsion (Suggestion) effects that induce fear (Primal Fear (Races of Eberron and Complete Psionic)) and effects that induce confusion or paralysis (Brain Lock or Mental Turmoil (Complete Psionic)).

With the exception of a few very specialized genjutsu techniques such as Itachi's Mirror of Heaven and Earth, all genjutsu focus on controlling the chakra flow of the specific target and manipulating through that how they react to external stimulus. For this reason all simple genjutsu requires a medium from which to attack their subject, through the stimulation of one of the five senses. Lesser genjutsu users such as Tayuya rely on a specific sense to produce a specific effect, in her case sound to induce the illusion of captivity, while more powerful genjutsu users need only very subtle stimulae to produce powerful effects for all senses.

There are only two Genjutsu technique not derrived from a bloodline limit that are better represented by a power other than those listed above. The first is Kabuto's Temple of Nirvana Technique (Nehan Shouja no Jutsu) which is much more closely represented by either Disable or Psionic Sleep (Hyperconscious). The second is the hokage level Bringer of Darkness Technique (Kokuangyo no Jutsu) which is represented by Control Light specifically with the augment to use it as a darkness spell from complete psionic's Light and Darkness Mantle.

The most powerful genjutsu specialist protrayed in Naruto is Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's older brother, and the criminal wanted for the murder of most of the Uchiha clan. Itachi uses genjutsu almost constantly in battle, and it is his mastery of the art that makes him such a formidable opponent. Aside from his bloodline genjutsu which involve hypnotising his opponents with their reflection in his eye, Itachi uses more traditional genjutsu to disguise the other techniques he is using and distract his opponents. In a battle against Kakashi, Itachi uses genjutsu to prevent Kakashi from copying his techniques with the sharingan, engaging the genjutsu with a threatening motion from his left hand several shuriken causing kakashi to disregard a brief passage of time focusing on his hand, creating the illusion that the technique he used was executed in a motion too fast to follow. In the manga, Itachi using a projection of himself with only a fraction of his power engages a series of paralyzing illusions against Naruto with only the motion of pointing his finger at Naruto to provide the initial sense stimulus.

Grape ape
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Wearing this outfit in the name of SCIENCE!

« Reply #7 on: October 11, 2009, 02:22:42 PM »

Fuuinjutsu – Among the most powerful techniques in the series, the fuuinjutsu use seals as foci for long term benefits (or detriments) of the subject of the seal. Many of these techniques are better approximated by class abilities rather than powers, as they are in essence much more drastic changes in a character’s ability than most powers would offer.

Bijuu Fuuinjutsu – Destruction Beast Sealing Techniques – While there is no power that fully approximates the process of becoming a Jinchuuriki the ability is very close in flavor to the powers granted by the imprisoned spirit within the consciousness of a Quori Mindhunter (Magic of Eberron)
Unnamed – Chikamatsu Puppet Sealing Technique – Catapsi or Null Psionics Field: While under the effects of the seal, the sealed subject is unable to manipulate chakra and thus use any ninjutsu or genjutsu.
Fuuja Houin – Evil Suppressor – Psychic Chirurgery: when used to counteract permanent changes to a psyche caused by other sealing techniques. This seal is used by Kakashi to allow Sasuke to better deal with the power of the Cursed Seal.
Fuuka Houin – Fire Suppressor – Control Flames: specifically, control flames used to move a fire away from a source of fuel onto a focus that is not flammable and then cease concentration, causing the fire to be extinguished.
Juin Jutsu – Cursed Seal Technique – The cursed seal is an ability unique to Orochimaru, he uses a number of variations of it to enhance the abilities of his bodyguards the sound four, and to groom the abilities of the hosts he plans to use to his tastes. It seems to have a number of properties to it. Psychic Chirurgery: the cursed seal is used as a focus for a number of techniques, indicating that knowledge and ability to use them is imparted by the seal in the same way Psychic Chirurgery can be used to impart knowledge of powers. Wild Surge: The massive increased chakra flow and power provided by the seal is akin to boost provided by wild surge. Furthermore Sasuke, once afflicted with the cursed seal experienced momentary lapses in his combat ability as he tried to fight the influence of the seal, which would be well approximated by psychic enervation. Psychofeedback: When unlocking the higher stages of the cursed seal’s power, the sound four became extremely powerful physically, but were easily fatigued, and spoke of the power to Sasuke as though it were very draining with long term consequences on their health.
Fuukoku Houin – Seal of Darkness – Psychic Reformation: Used by the sound four on Sasuke to accelerate the Psychic Chirurgery effect of the cursed seal.
Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin – Nine Mystical Dragon Seal – Metaconcert: this technique is only used once in the manga by the assembled members of the Akatsuki in a section of the storyline the series will catch up to soon (not soon enough for my tastes, I can’t stand the filler) in that case the created entity would have used its power to manifest a Psionic Dismissal to force a bound Bijuu from its Jinchuuriki host.
Unnamed – Kyuubi Chakra Seal – Suppress Schism (Magic of Eberron): Used by Jiraiya and Kakashi to help Naruto gain control of the Kyuubi’s massive power when it was engaged by Naruto’s rage.
Shiki Fuujin – Seal of the Death God – Microcosm
Infuuin: Kai - Sousu Saisei - Secret Mark Seal: Release - Genesis Regeneration - True Metabolism

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« Reply #8 on: October 11, 2009, 02:23:48 PM »

Kinjutsu – In the world of Naruto there are a number of techniques that have for one reason or another been classified as forbidden techniques. Most of them do so because they represent exceptional risk to the user, though others due to the enormous amount of power they can give to a relatively inexperienced user.

Chiyo Tensei no Jutsu – Chiyo’s Resurrection Technique – Empathic Transfer or Psionic Revivify: Forbidden because the revivify version is said to cost the user their life, though there is no real precedent for this in the mechanics of the XPH however. Edo Tensei – Ressurection to the Impure World – Psianimate Dead (Hyperconscious): used once during the series by Orochimaru to bring back the 1st and 2nd hokage to do battle with the 3rd hokage Sarutobi. Forbidden because it requires human sacrifice to have the reanimated corpse retain the skills it possessed in life, and messing with the dead is generally frowned upon.
Fushi Tensei – Living Corpse Reincarnation – True Mind Switch: Technique unique to Orochimaru, forbidden for the same reasons True Mind Switch is often considered evil. Omote Renge – Forward Lotus – Animal Affinity: while technically a hand to hand combat technique, Rock Lee’s signature technique requires him to overload his chakra flow by opening the first of the eight gates, granting him temporary supernatural strength and agility. This technique is considered kinjutsu because opening any of the gates can cause the body serious damage, and if used repeatedly can result in death or paralysis even if the final gate is never opened.
Ura Renge – Reverse Lotus – Psychofeedback: a more powerful and harmful version of the forward lotus, Rock Lee opens five of the eight gates before performing this technique. Forbidden for the same reasons as above.
Souja Sousai no Jutsu – Twin Snake Double Assassination Technique – Affinity Field, Forced Share Pain, or Affinity Field, Pain (Complete Psionic): basically this is any effective form of suicide nova, where the user of the technique gets to grips with their opponent and deals massive damage to both themselves and their opponent by linking their life force. Forbidden because it is a suicide technique.
Souzou Saisei – Creation Rebirth – Body Adjustment: Forbidden because it supposedly shortens the users natural life span.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Replication – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious): Naruto’s favorite ninjutsu, to really get the full effect to which Naruto makes use of the technique one has to add the class abilities of the Astral Zealot also from Hyperconscious so the ectoforms take on the stats of astral constructs. The technique is classified as Kinjutsu because it distributes the user's chakra evenly among the clones, making it potentially very dangerous to an inexperienced user.

Note: though they are sealing techniques Juin Jutsu (Cursed Seal), Infuuin Kai (Secret Mark Seal Release), and Shiki Fuujin (Seal of the Death God) are also considered to be Kinjutsu the first because it inflicts undue suffering on the subject, the second because it shortens the lifespan of the user, and the third because it is a suicide technique.

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« Reply #9 on: October 11, 2009, 02:27:48 PM »

The following are general techniques that are fairly widespread among Naruto Shinobi, or are common within a country other than Fire (Konoha), Wind (Suna), or Sound (Oto).

Universal Techniques
Bunshin no Jutsu – Clone Technique – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious)
Henge no Jutsu – Transformation Technique – Metamorphosis or Psionic Alter Self (Dark Sun)
Jouro Senbon – Rain of Needles – Swarm of Crystals
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Clone Technique – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious) combined with the Astral Zealot’s (Hyperconscious) Improved or Advanced Ectoform abilities.
Kai – Release – Dispel Psionics
Kanashibari no Jutsu – Temporary Paralysis Technique – Brain Lock
Kawara Shuriken – Roof Tile Shuriken – Telekinetic Thurst used with almost any improvised projectile weapons
Kawarimi no Jutsu – Art of Substitution – Dimension Swap
Meisai Gakure no Jutsu – Camouflage Concealment Technique – Chameleon
Shousen Jutsu – Mystic Hand Technique – Psionic Restoration
Shunshin no Jutsu – Body Flicker Technique – Dimension Slide

Techniques of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen
Iwa Nadare – Stone Avalanche – Energy Wave: Sonic: Used by Kurosuki Raiga of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen to start avalanches when ambushing his opponents
Kirigakure no Jutsu – Mist Concealment Technique – Greater Concealing Amorpha: Favored technique of Momochi Zabuza of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu – Water Clone Technique – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious)

Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Numerous shinobi in Naruto use summoning techniques to augment their fighting styles. While psionics does not offer compatible summons in the same manner that arcane magic would, it does offer something more conducive with the background of Naruto summoning. To summon, shinobi in naruto sign contracts with groups of animals, and contact them when they are in need of aid. To represent this, characters with summoning abilities use the correspond power (within a psionic contingency so as to get around the 10 minute casting time of correspond) in order to contact the creatures they have a contract with, who teleport a representative to the summoner's location.


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« Reply #10 on: October 11, 2009, 02:29:08 PM »

Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, contains a number of long standing ninja clans that form the bulk of the ninja within the village. Two of those clans draw their unique techniques from a bloodline limit, however, the rest have simply passed them down through generations to have them embodied in the series by the members of their respective clans that were classmates of Naruto.

Aburame Clan
Kikaichuu no Jutsu – Destruction Bug Technique – Ectoplasmic Swarm (Complete Psionic): Shino of the Aburame clan uses the clan’s destruction bugs that his body serves as a host form to perform a number of techniques, including the general one where a swarm of destruction bugs envelopes and destroys and opponent.
Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu – Insect Clone Technique – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious): the preferred clone technique of the Aburame clan, they form their clones from hives of transformed destruction bugs

Akadou Clan
Chakra Kyuuin Jutsu – Chakra Absorption Technique – Psychic Vampire: Used by the Akadou clan of Konoha, used only once in the series by Akadou Yoroi during the Chuunin exam against Sasuke. More advanced users of this technique modify it with the Pherenic Leech Metapsionic Power from Complete Psionic to replenish their own chakra while dissipating their opponent's.

Akimichi Clan
Baika no Jutsu – Multisize Technique – Expansion: Signature move of the Akimichi clan, displayed in the series and manga by the clan’s youngest member Akimichi Chouji
Bubun Baika no Jutsu – Partial Multisize Technique – Reach (Mind’s Eye): An adaptation of the Akimichi Baika no Jutsu, a favorite of Akimichi Chouji
Chou Baika no Jutsu – Super Multisize Technique – Expansion (Augmented): The more advanced form of the Akimichi’s Baika no Jutsu

Inuzuka Clan
Inuzuka Henge: Soutou Rou – Inuzuka Transformation: Double Headed Wolf – Fusion and Metamorphosis: Used by the Inuzuka Clan of Konoha and demonstrated in the series by their youngest member Kiba, the Inuzuka ninjutsu involve combining and transforming with an animal companion.
Juujin Bunshin – Beast-Man Clone – Fission: Another technique of the Inuzuka clan
Shikyaku no Jutsu – Four Legged Technique – Animal Affinty: The signature technique of the Inuzuka Clan, taking on a more beast like appearance and enhancing their strength, agility, and durability

Nara Clan
Kage Mane no Jutsu – Shadow Binding Technique – Control Body: The favored technique of the Nara clan, exemplified by Nara Shikamaru, Kage Mane no Jutsu is the basis for all Nara techniques, and involves stretching the user’s shadow until it makes contact with the target’s shadow, at which point the target is forced to mimic the user’s movements.
Kage Shibari no Jutsu – Shadow Neck Binding – Telekinetic Maneuver (Grapple): Used by the Nara clan to squeeze the life out of targets they have successfully used Kage Mane no Jutsu against.
Kage Nui – Shadow Sewing – Burrowing Bonds (Complete Psionic): while definitely a flavor rework, this ability of Shikamaru from the later stages of the manga is best approximated by Burrowing Bonds. Shikamaru extends his shadow as if to use Kage Mane no Jutsu, however, the shadow splits into a number of needle shaped forms which launch at opponents slashing through them.

Yamanaka Clan
Shinranshin no Jutsu – Body Traitor Technique – Psionic Dominate: A powerful technique used by members of the Yamanaka Clan
Shintenshin no Jutsu – Mind Switch Technique – Mind Switch: Another signature technique of the Yamanaka Clan and the favored attack for of Yamanaka Ino
Shinraishin no Jutsu - Body Manipulation Technique - Control Body: Used by Ino in episode 171.

Mokuton Jutsu
These techniques are solely the purview of two characters in the series. The first is literally the first, as in the first hokage, the second is the Jounin Yamato in the manga who has inherited the first's abilities. These abilities are primarily represented by the powers of the Natural World Mantle, most notable Animate Plants, Oak Body, and Earthquake, a few unqiue ones are listed below.
Joukai Koutan – Birth of Trees – Genesis or Animate Plants (Complete Psionic): This technique is unique to the 1st Hokage.
Shichuuka no Jutsu – Four Pillar Home Technique – True Creation: This technique is one of numerous variations that caused the instantaneous growth of wooden structures or tools, the technique and its variants have only two users, the first hokage, and Yamato from the manga who inherited his abilities.
Shichuurou no Jutsu – Four Pillar Psion Technique – True Creation: A variant of Shichuuka no Jutsu above.
Unnamed - Vine Choking technique - Sarutobi when he battles the reanimated first hokage is subject to a choking technique from plants created with Joukai Koutan, this effect is best represented by the power Burrowing Bonds (Complete Psionic)

Individual Techniques
Rasengan – Spiral Sphere – Dissipating Touch: This technique is among the most powerful in Konoha and is unique to three individuals, Jiraiya, the Fourth Hokage, and Naruto, later in the manga Naruto creates a more powerful version of the technique called Oodama Rasengan (Big Ball Spiral Sphere) which he can only perform by making a clone to help control the chakra from different points.
Hiraishin no Jutsu – Flying Thunder God Technique – Inconstant Location (Sandstorm) or Greater Psionic Teleport: Unique to the fourth hokage, known as Konoha’s yellow flash, for his bright yellow hair, and his infamous teleporting techniques both over short and long distances.
Choujuu Giga – Super Beast Immitation Drawing – Astral Construct: The unique form of summoning belonging to Sai in the latter stages of the manga.
Ninpou: Hari Jizou – Ninja Art: Underworld Guardian Spikes – Empathic Feedback: unique to Jiraiya
Henge: Kongounyoi – Transformation: Diamond Like Hardness – Metamorphosis: Sarutobi’s ultimate summon the Monkey God Enma uses this technique to transform into a diamond hard quarterstaff that Sarutobi fights with.
Ranshinshou – Chaotic Mental Collision – Disable: this technique, unique to Tsunade the fifth hokage disables an opponent by rewiring their nerves, causing their mental communications for motion to go to the wrong body part. In so doing it is used to render an opponent helpless. When used on Kabuto, he was able to quickly figure out his reconfigured nerve system and act normally, if a little sluggish.
Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu – Sakura Blizzard Technique – Shatterstorm (Fire Augment) (Hyperconscious): Used in the movie by Sakura to defeat one of the snow country shinobi Soushouryu – Twin Rising Dragons – Swarm of Crystals: Unique to Tenten, she jumps in the air and successively summons a large number of small bladed throwing weapons and barrages her foes with them.
Gamaguchi Shibari – Toad Mouth Binding – Entangling Ectoplasm: Unique to Jiraiya

General Techniques of Konoha
Mikadzuki no Mai – Dance of the Crescent Moon – Faceted Attack (Planescape Setting, This sword skill is unique to Konoha but not to any one clan, the user creates a pair of clones and uses all three to attack from three angles with a sword strike. Performed in the series and manga by Gekkou Hayate shortly before his death.
Senai Jashu – Hidden Snake Hands – Reach (Mind’s Eye) and Truevenom: Used by both Orochimaru and his former student Anko, primarily for Grappling but also for delivering poison attacks
Toomegane no Jutsu – Telescope Technique – Remote Viewing: Used primarily by the Third Hokage.
Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu – Healing Resuscitation Regeneration – Psionic Revivify
Ninpou Doku Kiri – Ninja Art: Poison Mist – Breath of the Black Dragon
Fukumi Hari – Hidden Needles – Crystal Shard
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« Reply #11 on: October 11, 2009, 02:30:22 PM »

Suna, the village hidden in the sand, possessed a number of powerful unique techniques, most of them displayed by the three sand nins that travel to Konoha for the Chuunin exam.

Individual Techniques
Dai Kamaitachi – Great Cutting Whirlwind – Tornado Blast: This move is unique to the fighting style of Temari of the sand village.
Daisan no Me – The Third Eye – Remote Viewing: This technique is used by Gaara, forming a third eye to watch with out of sand particles.
Goukusamaisou – Sand Prison Burial – Ectoplasmic Cocoon: Among the various techniques Gaara uses to disable his foes.
Renkuudan – Drilling Air Projectile – Energy Ball: Sonic: A technique unique to Gaara in his fully transformed Shukaku form.
Ryuusa Bakuryuu – Quicksand Waterfall Current – Telekinetic Thrust: While visually more impressive creating a massive tidal wave of sand to throw an opponent, effectively the technique only throws the opponent backwards. This skill is unique to Jinchuuriki of the Shukaku such as Gaara
Sabaku Fuyuu – Floating Desert Sand – Psionic Levitate (Nomad Version): Unique to Gaara
Sabaku Kyuu – Desert Coffin – Telekinetic Maneuver (Grapple): Unique to Gaara Sabaku Rou – Desert Prison – Wall of Ectoplasm (Hemisphere or Sphere): Unique to Gaara
Sabaku Sousou – Desert Funeral – Energy Claw: Sonic: Unique to Gaara, this extension of Sabaku Kyuu is best approximated by using sonic energy claws to deal large amounts of damage to opponents while pinning them.
Sabaku Taisou – Desert Requiem – Energy Wave: Sonic: Unique to Gaara
Satetsu – Iron Sand – Call Weaponry and Crystal Shard: Unique to the third kazekage, it was used in the manga by the kugutsu made from the third kazekage controlled by Sasori for a number of purposes, its basically a special form of telekinesis that controls iron filings using them to attack an individual or an area, and form weaponry for the puppet, it could potentially have many more applications.
Satetsu Kaihou – Iron Sand World Strike – Shatterstorm (Hyperconscious): One of the third Kazekage’s Iron Sand techniques
Satetsu Shigure – Iron Sand Shower – Hail of Crystals: One of the third Kazekage’s Iron Sand techniques
Suna Bunshin – Sand Clone – Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious): Unique to Gaara Suna no Muya – Cocoon of Sand – Ectoplasmic Cocoon: Unique to Gaara
Suna no Tate – Shield of Sand – Inertial Armor: Unique to Gaara
Suna no Yoroi – Armor of Sand – Biofeedback: Unique to Gaara
Shukaku no Tate – Shield of Shukaku – Force Screen: Unique to Gaara General Techniques of Suna
Kaze no Yaiba – Sword of Wind – Concussion Blast: this technique is used by Baki, the instructor for Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro for the Chuunin Exam.
Kugutsu no Jutsu – Puppetry Technique – Astral Construct: Used by the sand villages various puppet masters including Sasori, Chiyo, and Kankuro
Chakra no Tate – Chakra Shield – Intellect Fortress: this technique is used by suna puppet masters to shield themselves and their puppets by absorbing the impact of many opposing ninjutsu
Soushuuha – Manipulate Advancing Blades – Telekinetic Thrust: Specifically used to fire a large number of kunai at a single target at once, this technique is used by a number of sand shinobi during the series and manga.

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Oto, the village hidden in the sound is a very small ninja village established and run by Orochimaru, its sole purpose for existence is to give Orochimaru a place and resources with which to continue his research into developing new ninja techniques, and continuing his quest for immortality. All of the sound specific techniques in the series belong to either Orochimaru, Kabuto, one of the four sounds, the genin from Oto who participated in the chuunin exam, or to the Fuuma ninja clan Orochimaru assimilated into his ranks when he established Oto.

Orochimaru’s Techniques
Fuuton: Daitoppa – Wind Element: Grand Breakthrough – Telekinetic Thrust: Used by Orochimaru during the chuunin exam, it is used to blast foes away from the user
Kusanagi no Tsurugi – Sword of Kusanagi – Call Weaponry

Kabuto’s Techniques
Chakra no Mesu – Chakra Scalpel – Dissipating Touch or Claws of the Beast: Kabuto charges his hands with chakra when attacking hand to hand combat, turning them into bladed weapons that strike through armor and flesh at internal organs. Stygian Touch from complete psionic is perfect for this ability, but since not everyone has that book, I'm leaving the XPH options there as well.
Inyu Shoumetsu – Secret Healing Injury Destruction – Body Adjustment
Shikon no Jutsu – Dead Soul Technique – Psianimate Dead (Hyperconscious) Techniques of the Four Sounds
Kumomayu – Spider Cocoon – Ectoplasmic Cocoon: Unique to Kidoumaru
Kumonendo – Spider Web – Entangling Ectoplasm: Unique to Kidoumaru
Kumonenkin – Sticky Spider Gold – Call Weaponry: Unique to Kidoumaru, he uses the spider gold to fashion weapons such as kunai
Kumosouiki – Spider Cobweb Region – Touchsight: Unique to Kidoumaru
Nenkin no Yoroi – Armor of Spider Gold – Psionic Iron Body
Mateki: Genbusoukyoku – Magic Flute: Phantom Warrior Melody – Control Body: Used by Tayuya of the Four Sounds to control her phantom warriors
Makyou no Ran – Demonic Haunting Melody – Psionic Dominate: Used by Tayuya on her phantom warriors to unlock their chakra draining abilities
Shishi Enjin – Four Violet Flames Battle Formation – Energy Wall: Sonic: Used by each of the Four Sounds to provide a protective barrier when Orochimaru is battling with Sarutobi.

Techniques of the Oto Genins
Kyoumeisen – Vibrating Sound Drill – Energy Stun: Sonic
Suzu no Oto – Sound of Bells – Inflict Pain
Zankuuha – Air Cutter – Energy Wave: Sonic

Techniques of the Fuuma Clan
Chakra no Ito – Chakra Threads – Forced Share Pain: This jutsu of the Fuuma Clan uses threads of chakra wrapped around the victims heart to link the life force of the user and the victim, allowing for a suicide attack.
Fuuma Ninken: Zanbatou – Fuuma Ninja Sword: Zabatou – Psionic Lion’s Charge Kagerou Ninpou: Utakata – Ant Lion Ninja Arts: Emphemeral – Metamorphosis : Unique to Fuuma Kagerou
Arijigoku no Jutsu – Ant-Lion Technique – Mindquake (Hyperconscious): Unique to Fuuma Kagerou
Tsubako Mandara – Mandala Box – Psychic Crush
Utsusemi no Jutsu – Empty Cicada Shell Technique – Missive

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Akatsuki – The infamous group of ninja criminals being hunted by basically every established ninja village, they are among the most skilled and powerful ninja in the Naruto world.

Unnamed – Akatsuki Astral Projection Technique – Mind Link: used during a meeting and made permanent through the power incarnate, the Akatsuki use this special technique to communicate of huge distances
Bunshin Bakuha – Shadow Clone Explosion – Fission, Psionic Contingency, and Energy Burst: Itachi tends to use this jutsu when making shadow clones, allowing him to trigger a massive explosion centered around the clone when he chooses.
Jibaku Bunshin – Self Destructing Clone – Metamorphosis and Detonate Psicrystal (Hyperconscious): Used by Deidara in the same fashion Itachi uses Bunshin Bakuha
Kibaku Nendo – Exploding Clay – Crawling Tattoo of Concussion Blast
Shouten Jutsu – Shape Changing Technique – Metamorphosis, Psianimate Dead (Hyperconscious) and Mind Switch: Used by members of Akatsuki allowing them to project their appearance, abilities and consciousness into the reanimated corpses of human sacrifices to essentially do battle as themselves from a remote location.
Unnamed – Zetsu’s Sensory Range Technique – Remote Viewing
Kenboushou Jutsu – Loss of Memory Technique – Psionic Modify Memory: This technique was used by Sasori to monitor the dealings of suna after his exile by placing a sleeper agent in their ranks

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Kekkei Genkai: also known as bloodline limits are abilities and techniques drawn from the hereditary supernatural abilities of several of the shinobi clans.

Byakugan - White Eye - Hyuuga Clan
Said to be the most powerful clan of Konoha, the Hyuuga clan's bloodline limit, the Byakugan allows them near limitless powers of perception. Through this ability they have develloped a number of powerful techniques unique to their clan.

Inherent Powers of the Byakugan
Psionic True Seeing - The Byakugan allows members of the Hyuuga clan to see through most forms of genjutsu (illusionary or hallucinatory techniques), as well as to detect the strength and nature of chakra used in their opponents techniques.
Ubiquitous Vision - Users of the Byakugan have vision that extends in an arc that is very close to 360 degrees.
Touchsight - The Byakugan detects that which is concealed, either through genjutsu, ninjutsu or simply hidden from view at sometimes incredible ranges.

Techniques Derrived from the Byakugan
Hakkeshou Kaiten - Heaven Spin - Mental Barrier or Telekinetic Buffer (Complete Psionic)
Jyuuken Taijutsu - Gentle Fist Martial Arts - Dissipating Touch
Striking the Tenkentsu - Psychic Vampire
Jyuukenhou Hakke Rokujyuu Yonshou - Divination Field 64 strikes - Dissipating Touch (used in coordination with a moderate nova routine to reach 64d6 damage in the final round of the sequence)
Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshou - Guardian of the Eight Divination Seals 64 strikes - Energy Wall: Lightning: On the advice of Radical Taoist, I think this better approximates the abilities of Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshou as it is both damage dealing and has a duration to account for the Jutsu being in use for most of an episode. Also, the final use of Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshou mimics a classic Energy Wall nova combo (delightfully nicknamed the Dominova) wherein Hinata would set up a series of lightning walls and drive her foes through them with a lightning energy push.

Sharingan - Copying Wheel Eye - Uchiha Clan
The sharingan, rumored to be a lesser form of the Hyuuga's Byakugan is the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan, and is carried by only three people. The two surviving Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke both carry the sharingan, as does Hatake Kakashi after having the awakened eye of his dying friend Uchiha Obito surgically placed in his wounded left eye. Despite not possessing Uchiha Blood, Kakashi is still masterful in using the sharingan. The sharingan comes in several forms, its strength derived from the number of tomoe (commas or pupils) present in each wheel. The most powerful standard form of the sharingan has three tomoe in each wheel. Finally, the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan or Kaleidoscope Copying Wheel, provides the user with near limitless power at great personal cost.

Inherent Powers of the Sharingan
Defensive Precognition, Offensive Precognition, and Offensive Prescience - Users of the sharingan extend their awareness in combat into the future, reading the intentions of their opponents and improving their reactions. This is a trait of the 3 tomoe eye.
Thieving Mindlink, Feat Leech, Leech Power Known (Hyperconscious) - The copying wheel that gives the sharingan its name, users of this can copy any genjutsu, taijutsu, or ninjutsu they have seen performed. This is a trait of the 2 tomoe eye.
Psionic True Seeing - The sharingan reveals the nature of genjutsu used against the user, and can in more powerful users, reveal the nature of more powerful techniques such as the kage bunshin no jutsu. This is a trait of all of the sharingans shown in the series.

Techniques Derrived from the Sharingan
Sharingan Genjutsu - Sharingan Illusion Techniques - False Sensory Input and/or Psionic Suggestion
Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu - Fire Element: Dragon Fire Technique - Energy Stun: Fire
Chidori/Raikiri - 1000 Birds/Lightning Edge - Energy Flash: Lightning(Frostburn)
Magen Kyouten Chiten - Demonic Illusion: Mirror of Heaven and Earth - Reddopsi (used specifically against targeted illusions and false sensory input)

Techniques Derrived from the Mangekyou Sharingan
Tsukuyomi - God of the Underworld - Psychic Crush if you want to restrict to the XPH, however, more accurate would be either Phantasmal Killer, Psionic or Sensorinural Cascade both from Hyperconscious
Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun - Psionic Disintegrate
Kamui - Energy Ball: Sonic or Ultrablast

Shikotsu Myaku - Corpse Bone Pathways - Kaguya Clan
The Kaguya clan, only represented in the series by Orochimaru's disciple Kaguya Kimimaro has the unique ability to reshape and harden their bones to fit their whims. Kimimaru used his bones in the series as both armor and weaponry, even once going so far as to create a massive field of spiked bones to attack his foes. He has used a shoulderblade as a sword, his spinal cord as a spear, and numerous bones in his arms as claws.

Inherent Powers of Shikotsu Myaku
Call Weaponry - Kimimaro has used a number of detached bones as weapons after pulling them from his body
Thicken Skin, Biofeedback - By forming his bones into armor beneath his skin he was able to resist a number of very powerful attacks, both through focing them to bounce off (Lee's Taijutsu) but also by absorbing their impact (Gaara's Desert Funeral)
Claws of the Beast - Kimimaro frequently made use of bone claws growing from his arms
Mindquake (Hyperconscious) - Kimimaro's final attack was a massive expanding wave of razor sharp bones, striking in all directions.

Techniques Derrived from Shikotsu Myaku Kimimaro uses a number of close combat techniques that relied on his bones, however he didn't make use of any ninjutsu that relied on his kekkei genkai

Souma no Kou - Evil Spirit Pair The brothers Ukon and Sakon used their bloodline limit to separate and combine with each other and to posses their opponents in the same fashion

Inherent Powers of Souma no Kou
Fission and Fusion - Basically the only powers this provided were the ability of the brothers to split and fuse together between themselves and their opponents

Techniques Derrived from Souma no Kou
Kisei Kikai - Parasitic Ghost Drestruction - Recall Death

Water Manipulation This bloodline limit is the first introduced in the series, but it is never given a proper name. It belongs to Haku and his clan. With this limit Haku can control water sources around him and freeze the water into a variety of tools.

Techniques Derrived from Water Manipulation
Needle Throwing - Haku's primary attack form is hurling needles at his foe with deadly accuracy. In several instances Haku creates needles by freezing water and uses them to assault his foes. This is approximated by Crystal Shard, Swarm of Crystals, or Shatterstorm: Cold Augment (Hyperconscious)
Makyou Hyoushou - Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors - This one is hard to approximate. Basically, Haku surrounds his target with a wall of Ice Mirrors, then appears within all of them, and barrages his foes with needles as he jumps mirror to mirror too fast for the eye to see. For the mirrors we have Energy Wall: Cold, and Specified Energy Adaptation so Haku can stand in them without hurting himself. Then he can move into the area, barrage his foes with Shatterstorm (Hyperconscious) then Inconstant Location (Sandstorm) to another mirror. As for appearing to be in every mirror at once, that is covered by Throw Ectoform (Hyperconscious).
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Shodai Hokage - Human Monk3/Fighter1/Ardent* 10/Sanctified Mind** 6/Lucid Cenobyte*** 4

Note: Initial level order is Monk2/Ardent2/Monk1/Fighter1/Sanctified Mind 6/...
* - Complete Psionic ** - Lords of Madness *** - Hyperconscious

Feats: Iron Will (1), Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk1), Power Attack (Human), Combat Reflexes (Monk2), Speed of Thought (3), Up the Walls (6), Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike) (Fighter1), Mental Leap (9), Psionic Meditation (12), Pisonic Fist (15), Greater Psionic Fist (18), Unavoidable Strike (21), Epic Psionic Focus (24)

Mantles: Natural World, Light and Darkness, Energy, Physical Power, Guardian
1st - Adrenaline Boost*, Control Light, Energy Ray
2nd - Animal Affinity, Damp Power*, Energy Push
3rd - Dispel Psionics, Energy Bolt
5th - Oak Body
7th - Animate Plants*, Energy Wave
9th - Earthquake*

* - Complete Psionic

Shodai Hokage's Signature Abilities:
Mokuton Hijutsu - Wood Element Secret Techniques - The first used a unique style of ninjutsu that used his chakra as a source of life, causing the growth of trees and similar effects. In terms of the build this is represented by the natural world mantle as one of Shodai's primary mantles. The specific technique he uses in the manga and anime from this school of ninjutsu Jukai Kotan (Birth of Trees) is approximated by Animate Plants, Psionic from Complete Psionic.
Kokuangyo no Jutsu - Bringer of Darkness Technique - Control Light
Taijutsu - Shodai is a powerful taijutsu user, skilled in all aspects of hand to hand combat. To represent this he has +16 base attack, epic attack bonuses, unarmed strike, weapon focus, and the ability to expend psionic focus for +4d6 damage and make his attack a touch attack, while using power attack.
Katon Jutsu - In Narutimate Hero 3 Shodai uses a number of powerful fire skills. For this reason he has been given the energy mantle and the powers taken from that (energy ray, push, bolt, and wave)
Defensive Techniques - In the battle between Sarutobi and the two reanimated hokages, Shodai shrugs off a series of powerful fire attacks from Sarutobi. To represent this he has been given Damp Power from complete psionic.
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Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage - Human Monk 3/Ardent* 12/Sanctified Mind** 6/Lucid Cenobyte*** 4

Notes: The Pre-Epic Build is Ardent1/Monk2/Ardent+11/Sanctified Mind6, which follows with monk level 3 are 3 levels of Lucid Cenobyte

* - From Complete Psionic ** - From Lords of Madness *** - From Hyperconscious

Feats: Iron Will (1), Overchannel (Human), Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk1), Stunning Fist (Monk1), Combat Reflexes (Monk2), Talented (3), Expanded Knowledge (Biofeedback) (6), Linked Power* (9), Expanded Knowledge (Swarm of Crystals) (12), Expanded Knowledge (Greater Stomp) (15), Expanded Knowledge (Ectoplasmic Form) (18), Expanded Knowledge (Contingency) (21), Improved Overchannel* [Epic] (24)

* - From Complete Psionics

Mantles: Primary - Energy and Guardian Secondary - Destruction, Fate, and Communication

1st - Energy Ray, Biofeedback
2nd - Swarm of Crystals, Energy Push
3rd - Energy Bolt, Dispel Psionics, Ectoplasmic Form
4th - Correspond, Remote Viewing, Wall of Ectoplasm
5th - Greater Stomp*
6th - Contingency, Disintegrate

* - Complete Psionic

Sarutobi's Signature Abilities:
Ninpou Kawara Shuriken - Ninja Art: Roof Tile Shuriken - Swarm of Crystals Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Shuriken Replication - Swarm of Crystals
Unnamed - Mud Replacement Technique - Ectoplasmic Form
Doton: Doryu Taiga - Earth Element: Moving Land River - Energy Push (Sonic) Doton: Doryudan - Earth Element: Earth Dragon Missile - Greater Stomp
Katon: Kairyudan - Fire Element: Fire Dragon Missile - Energy Bolt (Fire) Unnamed - Summon Dispelling Technique - Dispel Psionics
Doton: Doryuuheki - Earth Element: Earth Wall - Wall of Ectoplasm
Unnamed - Fire Spitting Technique - Energy Ray: Fire
Toomegane no Jutsu – Telescope Technique – Remote Viewing
Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique - Contingency: Correspond
Fuinjutsu: Shiki Fuuin - Sealing Technique: Seal of the Death God - Disintegrate: Sarutobi uses this technique in conjunction with the overchannel and Epic Overchannel to increase his manifester level to a whoping 40, dealing 80d6 points of damage to his opponent and 40d8 damage to himself, this is why the technique is considered fatal to the user. Orochimaru when he faces has the good fortune of passing his saving throw and avoiding certain death.
Linking Powers - Sarutobi used a very impressive attack pattern against orochimaru during their battle, unleashing a powerful combination Earth Element and Fire Element attack. In game terms this is represented by the linked power feat. Since the feat requires you to pay for both powers within you manifester level I added the exceptionally powerful epic feat Improved Overchannel, which allows the user to increase their manifester level with overchannel up to double its normal amount but deals 2d8 points of damage for each level overchanneled. To get around the certainly lethal damage Sarutobi uses Talented on his first manifestation, allowing him to skip out on the damage but still fire off a set of linked powers with both at full strength. The combination used in the series would be Greater Stomp linked to Energy Ray (Fire) or Energy Bolt (Fire).
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Uzumaki Naruto - Empty Vessel (Eberron Campaign Setting) Wilder 10/Astral Zealot (Hyperconscious) 9

Feats: Up the Walls (1), Iron Will (Empty Vessel), Improved Unarmed Strike (3), Psionic Fist (6), Empower Power (9), Mental Leap (12), Psionic Mediation (15), Expanded Knowledge (Spirit of War) (18)

1st - Astral Construct, Dissipating Touch, Vigor, Energy Ray~
2nd - Throw Ectoform*, Psionic Alter Self**, Body Equilibrium, Biofeedback~
3rd - Body Adjustment
4th - Energy Adaptation~, Correspond
6th - Contingency
7th - Complete Healing**~
8th - Spirit of War***, True Metabolism

* - Power found in Hyperconscious ** - Power found in darksun 3.5 ( *** - Power found in Complete Psionic ~ - Added via Psychic Chirurgery

Naruto's Signature Abilities:
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Technique - Naruto's most frequently used and versatile jutsu, despite his original struggles with the Bunshin no Jutsu, Naruto's practice has made him an expert in the tactical use of clones, and he has summoned them as decoys, to aid in hand to hand techniques, and used the assistance of shadow clones to master the Rasengan technique in a mere seven days, and to design the Odama Rasengan, a technique unique to him. Naruto's shadow clones are represented by Astral Constructs, the Throw Ectoform power from Hyperconscious, and the Astral Zealot's abilities, particularly Improved and Advanced Ectoform.
Jinchuuriki - Naruto is the vessel used by the fourth hokage to contain the destruction beast Kyuubi. In Naruto terms this makes Naruto a Jinchuuriki, a vessel which can attain enormous power from the demon it contains by resonating with the beast. In game terms this is why Naruto is an Empty Vessel rather than a human.
Kyuubi's Rage - While never officially given a name as a jutsu, when Naruto has a heightened amount of rage it will trigger the resonant abilities of the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi's chakra will leak from the seal and surround Naruto, forming a skin in a form that mimics the form of the Kyuubi. The power of this skin is dictated by the number of tails the fox form manifests, normally one, though in the manga it has been as many as four. When Naruto is in this state he frequently loses his memory of what he has done. In game terms, the awakening of his kyubi form is mechanically possession by a quori spirit, representing Naruto succumbing to the malign consciousness inside him. In this form the chakra form can extend it's arms massive distances to strike with energy (mimiced by Energy Ray), it empowers all of Naruto's techniques (mimiced by Empower Power), protects him from harm both from physical damage and from jutsu attacks (mimiced by the Astral Zealot's Conjoin Ectoform ability, Biofeedback, and Energy Adaptation), and it provides him with more fighting power (mimiced by the Astral Zealot's Ectopic Suit, Ectopic Proficiency, Ectopic Expertise, and Ectopic Mastery abilities as well as Psionic Fist). The powers added unique to this ability have been added via psychic chirurgery representing how naruto did not develop these techniques, but instead he was born with them implanted in him.
Fast Healing - Naruto has a remarkable ability to heal quickly, ridding himself of almost any injury with a simple night of rest, this ability is approximated by Body Adjustment (Naruto gets up when the beating he just took says he should be down for the count), True Metabolism (Naruto's wounds heal while others watch), and Complete Healing (Naruto goes from critical condition to fine and chipper overnight)
Rasengan - The spiral sphere technique originally used by Jiraiya and the 4th Hokage is Naruto's most deadly offensive jutsu. This ability is approximated by Dissipating Touch Odama Rasengan - Used once in the manga, Naruto's Big Ball Spiral Sphere is a jutsu he designed himself, and is essentially a more powerful version of the original, this is approximated by a Wild Surged Empowered Max Augment Dissipating Touch (19d6*1.5 damage for those counting).
Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Naruto summons frogs, lead by the frog boss Gamabunta. He was taught this technique by his sensei the sannin Jiraiya. This is represented by correspond and psionic contingency.
Spirit of War - This Power has been added to represent Naruto's ability to inspire his fellow ninja and himself to heights of greatness.

Other Abilities: Mental Leap + Up the Walls + Body Equilibrium - again, standard fare for shinobi in the series, Naruto doesn't display the speed other shinobi seem to be capable of, but does walk on walls, walk on water, and leap huge distances Vigor/Biofeedback - If there is one thing Naruto does a lot of in the series it is absorb punishment.
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Uchiha Sasuke - Human Erudite* 5/Chronorebel** 6/Slayer 9

* - From Complete Psionic ** - From Hyperconscious

Feats: Track (1), Psicrystal Affinity (Erudite1), Up the Walls (Erudite1), Overchannel (Human), Favored Energy (Fire) (3)**, Talented (Erudite5), Psionic Meditation (6), Psicrystal Containment (9), Transcend Limits (12)*, Expanded Knowledge (Energy Manipulation) (15), Mental Leap (18)

* - Feat found in Hyperconscious ** - Favored Energy also exists as Privalidged Energy in Complete Psionic

1st - Offensive Precognition, Defensive Precognition, Offensive Prescience, Dissipating Touch, Energy Ray
2nd - Energy Missile, Feat Leech, Energy Stun, Psionic Lion's Charge, Hustle
3rd - Dimension Slide, Energy Cone
4th - Shatterstorm*, Energy Ball, Thieving Mindlink, Energy Flash**
5th - Leech Power Known*, True Seeing, Energy Manipulation**
6th - Form of Doom
7th - Energy Wave

* - Power found in Hyperconscious ** - Power found in Complete Psionic

While Sasuke could potentially have many more abilities in his repertoire, these are the ones he has made use of during the series and manga.

Sasuke's Signature Abilities:
Katon Jutsu - The specialty of the Uchiha clan aside from their bloodline limit is their incredible talent with fire element techniques. This is reflected in the build by Favored Energy (Fire), and the wide array of offensive energy powers in his repitoire. Sasuke can also make use of the Energy Manipulation Power to add five dice to the fire powers of himself or his allies.
Chidori - The sharingan derived technique taught to Sasuke by Kakashi before the Chuunin exam finals is a massive close range chakra blade attack that is said can penetrate any defense. This is reflected in the build by Energy Flash: Lightning
Sharingan - Sasuke makes frequent use of the sharingan's abilities, including the enhanced precognitive combat abilities (Offensive Precognition, Defensive Precognition, Offensive Prescience, and the Chronorebel's prescience and precognition abilities), the jutsu copying abilities (thieving mindlink, leech power known, feat leech, and the Erudite's power learning method), and the sensory and truth revealing abilities (True Seeing)
Shishi Rendan - The infamous lion combo is an adaptation of Rock Lee's Taijutsu style into a massively powerful flying charge attack, to represent this ability sasuke has Mental Leap, and Psionic Lion's Charge
Other Stuff: Dimension Slide, Up the Walls, Mental Leap - In addition to the standard shinobi fare, sasuke is exceptionally fast in combat, and has used body flicker style attacks on more than one occasion Overchannel, Talented, Transcend Limits - Sasuke is the definition of a prodigy in the series, he is simply better and more powerful with his techniques than most of his fellow ninja. Later in the series sasuke acquires a cursed seal, and can use it to push his abilities even further, though doing so carries a high price

Form of Doom - Sasuke can use the cursed seal later in the series to take on a demonic form, which grant him a number of enhanced abilities
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Haruno Sakura - Human Ardent* 10/Sangehirn 10

Feats: Mind Over Body (1), Psionic Body (Human), Up the Walls (3), Expanded Knowledge (Throw Ectoform) (6), Expanded Knowledge (Alter Self) (9), Expanded Knowledge (Dimension Swap) (12), Earth Sense* (15), Earth Power* (18)

* - Feat found in Races of Stone

Mantles: Primary: Life and Physical Power Secondary: Guardian and any 2 others

1st - Vigor, Biofeedback, Touch of Health***, Adrenaline Boost***
2nd - Psionic Alter Self*, Dimension Swap, Throw Ectoform**, Animal Affinity, Body Adjustment, Empathic Transfer, From the Brink***
3rd - Dispel Psionics, Body Purification
5th - Adapt Body, Psionic Revivify, Restore Extremity, Psychofeedback
6th - Restoration, Mend Wounds***

* - Power found in Dark Sun 3.5 ( ** - Power found in Hyperconscious *** - Power found in Complete Psionic

Sakura's Signature Abilities:
Basic Ninja Skills - Though Sakura possesses no unqiue jutsus, she is an excellent student and a master of the basic ninjutsus including Bunshin no Jutsu (Throw Ectoform), Henge no Jutsu (Psionic Alter Self), Kawarimi no Jutsu (Dimension Swap), and Kai Jutsus (Dispel Psionics)
Medical Ninjutsu - After undertaking training the Tsunade the 5th Hokage Sakura becomes a talented ninja medic, trained in healing techniques represented by the Healing Touch ability and fast healing of the Sangehirn, as well as the powers Restoration, Psionic Revivify, Restore Extremity, Body Purification, Body Adjustment, Empathic Transfer, From the Brink, Touch of Health, and Mend Wounds. In addition Sakura is taught medical ninjutsu that allow her to shrug off excessive amounts of damage to herself, represented by Biofeedback, Vigor, and Adapt Body.
Tsunade's Strength - During her apprenticeship to Tsunade, Sakura is also taught the Sannin's offensive techniques, which involve focusing chakra when attacking to produce massive strength. This is represented by Adrenaline Boost, Animal Affinity, and Psychofeedback.
Precise Chakra Control - Though not possessing the raw stamina of either Sasuke or Naruto, Sakura has the advantage of having very precise control of her chakra. While she cannot infuse her techniques with as much power (as Naruto or Sasuke could with Overchannel or Wild Surge) she expends less chakra to produce her effects. This is represented by Earth Power and Maximize Power.
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