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Half the stuff I try to find are gone. Basically what I do is find the thread number, and google that with the keyword gleemax. It's making me sad what I can't find. To everyone else, I'll add what you post into the index as a repository.

Lester the Molester by RadicalTaoist (no editing done by me)

08-30-06, 12:28 PM
Thanks to DisposableHero for ironing this out on MSN with me, and to Tempest for hosting the following image.

Lester the Molester: Human Psychic Warrior 14/Crusader1/Psychic Weapon Master5

Class - Feat
Psychic Warrior 1 - Dodge, Psionic Dodge, Combat Reflexes
Psychic Warrior 2 - Link Power (from Complete Psionic)
Psychic Warrior 3 - Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Psychic Warrior 4
Psychic Warrior 5 - Mobility
Psychic Warrior 6 - Psionic Weapon
Psychic Warrior 7
Psychic Warrior 8 - Power Attack
Crusader 1 - Combat Expertise
Psychic Warrior 9
Psychic Weapon Master 1
Psychic Weapon Master 2 - Karmic Strike (from Complete Warrior)
Psychic Warrior 10
Psychic Warrior 11 - Martial Stance (From Tome of Battle)
Psychic Weapon Master 3 - Robilar's Gambit (From the PHB2)
Psychic Weapon Master 4
Psychic Weapon Master 5 - Combat Reflexes is improved to grant an additional number of AoOs a round equal to my Wisdom bonus
Psychic Warrior 12 - Mage Slayer (From Complete Arcane)
Psychic Warrior 13
Psychic Warrior 14 - Defensive Sweep (From the Player's Handbook II)
All feats not given sources can be found in the SRD. Some are psionic feats. The Psychic Warrior is from the Expanded Psionics Handbook, the Crusader is from Tome of Battle, and the Psychic Weapon Master ( can be found in the Mind's Eye, on that link.

Power name (power level, source, character level at which it is received)
Adrenaline Boost (1st, Complete Psionic, 1)
Expansion (1st, Expanded Psionic Handbook, 2)
Biofeedback (1st, XPH, 3)
Strength of my Enemy (2nd, XPH, 4)
Reach ( (2nd, linked Mind's Eye article, 5)
Psionic Lion's Charge (2nd, XPH, 6)
Vampiric Blade (3rd, XPH, 7)
Dimension Slide (3rd, XPH, 8)
Power Weapon (2nd, CP, 10)
Inertial Armor (1st, XPH, 12)
Psionic Freedom of Movement (4th, XPH, 13)
Energy Adaptation (4th, XPH, 14)
Perfect Riposte (5th, CP or Races of Stone, 16)
Dispelling Buffer (5th, XPH, 18)
Empower Weapon (5th, CP, 19)
Form of Doom (6th, XPH, 20)

Vanguard Strike, 1st level Devoted Spirit strike
Charging Minotaur, 1st level Stone Dragon strike
Douse the Flames, 1st level White Raven strike
Defensive Rebuke, 3rd level Devoted Spirit boost
White Raven Tactics, 3rd level White Raven boost

Martial Spirit, 1st level Devoted Spirit stance
Thicket of Blades, 3rd level Devoted Spirit stance (gained through the Martial Stance feat)

So what's the bennies? Lester starts out a strong and effective psywar early and ends up as an absolute monstrosity by level 17. I'll spell it out level by level.
1st level: Those little bonuses to AC are helpful now, and you have a swift action power to use. Nice!
2nd level: Lester can link Expansion to Adrenaline Boost, giving him 3 rounds of incredible low level combat effectiveness. It's all his power points for the day, but hey...
5th level: By now, Combat Reflexes, Strength of my Enemy, and Reach make opponents very cautious around Lester. Don't give a guy who can drain your Strength score attacks of opportunity.
9th level: Now we're talking. Lester comes into the manuvers scene with a bang, having an initiator level of 5 right away. Grabbing Defensive Rebuke means that foes have to focus on Lester instead of his friends for at least one round an encounter. You can combing Charging Minotaur with Lion's Charge, heal with Martial Spirit, hinder your foes' tactical options with Douse the Flames and speed an ally up with White Raven Tactics.
12th level: Karmic Strike is where Lester starts to earn his title. With Defensive Rebuke, enemies lose if they ignore him and lose if they attack him. He's healing with Martial Spirit and Vampiric Blade, and draining strength with Strength of my Enemy.
14th-17th level: This is where Lester is perfected. At 14th, he grabs Thicket of Blades with the Martial Stance feat and now makes AoOs against any enemy that moves in his threatened spaces, even the little 5-foot-step.
At 15th, he grabs the much feared Robilar's Gambit. At 16th, he grabs the Perfect Riposte power, so now enemies receive a responding AoO whether they hit or miss him (in addition to Robilar's). You may be worried about running out of AoOs or enough Linked Powers, but the 5th level of Psychic Weapon Master at level 17 gives you additional AoOs equal to your Wisdom bonus and a second psionic focus in your weapon. By then Lester is complete. Everything else after this is gravy - useful and tasty, but not vital.
18th-20th level: Not to say the gravy isn't nice, of course. On the suggestion of many I put Mage Slayer (no longer can threatened foes cast defensively) and Defensive Sweep (foes who do not move in my threatened space provoke an AoO) in as Lester's last feats. I really don't think there's anything you can do not to provoke an AoO from him at this point.

Pre-empting the Robilar's Karma argument: I personally disagree with CustServ (if you want to get technical, preceding RAW overrules them, but who wants to open that can of beans? Thought not). However, even if you rule that it doesn't, Robilar's stacks with Perfect Riposte, and it's good to have Karmic Strike when you can't activate Robilar's.
To WizOs: The thread title is meant as a joke. Feel free to edit it - a thread named "Very funny Taoist, now shut up" would be hilarious to see on the CO boards.

Comments? Questions?
Funny Slaughter
08-30-06, 03:03 PM
very nice build, this seems to be a very good addition to any party

08-30-06, 04:53 PM
I really like the build and am thinking of using it myself. There's just one minor issue I have with it. Weapon Focus requires BAB +1, so with Psychic Warrior you can't qualify for it at 1st level. I don't have my Complete Psionic on me at the moment, but maybe you could switch Link Power and Weapon Focus to meet the BAB requirement, unless there's something I'm missing that lets you have WF at 1st.

peace out.
08-30-06, 05:33 PM
Indeed, you can switch Linked Power and WF.

Good job, RT!
08-30-06, 05:36 PM
Link Power is useless at 1st level; I switched Combat Reflexes instead. Thanks for the catch.
08-30-06, 06:29 PM
To WizOs: The thread title is meant as a joke. Feel free to edit it - a thread named "Very funny Taoist, now shut up" would be hilarious to see on the CO boards.

*waits for exactly this to happen*

Different note, great build. Nobody wants to come anywhere near your threatened space. My only question is why not save the PP on manifesting Reach Weapon and use a Spiked Chain or something similar? As much as I love having an effective build without using the chain, a reach weapon without spending PP is always a nice thing.

*reads Psychic Weapon Master* hrm, does "Crystal Melee Weapon" preceed reach weapons then? Or is it just a lack of feats and wanting in ASAP?
08-30-06, 06:43 PM
Once your enemies realize that you'll rape anything that moves within your reach, they'll stop coming into your reach. What do you do next? Do you hope that you raped them to death?
08-30-06, 07:39 PM
If your enemies aren't being molested, you're not trying hard enough.

edit: oh gawd, I just realized the pun...
08-30-06, 08:07 PM
If your enemies aren't being molested, you're not trying hard enough.

edit: oh gawd, I just realized the pun...
:D nice.

This build is freaking scary...but very good, and really pretty cool. It needs a new name, though...>.>
08-30-06, 08:48 PM
Some possible ways to maximize your psionic weapon's master potential:

Get the Blood in the Water stance (TC1, S). Every time you score a critical you get a +1 to attack and damage for as long as you keep scoring criticals (the bonuses stack but go away unless you score a critical every minute). By the time you're done mopping the floor with your falchion (13-20 threat range) you'll have a massive attack and damage multiplier.
Take Thicket of Blades at your first crusader level! You don't need a feat for it, because you have 5 IL at your first level. Martial spirit is an okay stance -- for someone who has a lot of attacks per round -- but you don't have TWFing in this build. Given this approach, take martial stance [blood in the water] instead of Martial Stance [Thicket of Blades] and buy thicket of blades earlier with your crusader level.
Sub out rolimbar's gambit or karmic stirke for improved critical (to get the awesome crit range). According to CustServ you don't get 2 AoOs off one action, so having both is redundant. I personally prefer the versatility of rolimbar's gambit.
Drop WF(Longsword) and replace with WF(Falchion). Now you have THF power attack synergy + a better crit range. Mix with blood in the water and you're looking at some pretty good crit/power attack synergy. What the heck was longsword doing for you anyways? If you gotta have the single handed weapon, I recommend scimitar (for critical threat range). I'm not seeing a whole lot of one-handed weapon synergy in this build, so I think falchion is the best bet.

Other thoughs: ditch crusader in favor of warblade. Grab stormguard warrior. Use your AoO tricks to fuel channel the storm. Mix with power attack and a two handed weapon.

Now if you can't make all the AoOs that people provoke around you, you can still do something -- the next round. You get a +4 to attack and damage for every AoO you abstain from taking. Liberally apply power attack and mix with the steely strike (IH1, M) for maximum accuracy and damage.
08-31-06, 08:39 AM
Look at Crusader's Stances Gained. It specifically says that a 1st level crusader gets a 1st level stance. If it wasn't for that annoying line, I'd have an extra feat (yes feats are the reason I didn't go spiked chain; originally, I was shooting for the Faith Unyielding feat though).

As for enemies trying to avoid you:
1. I have Charging Minotaur and Psionic Lion's Charge. Avoid this.
2. If you want to fulfill the tank's role of protecting the rest of the party, keep them in your threatened area. You are now a deterrent against anyone else attacking the rest of your party.

Good suggestions all, though, and thanks. Many of them will be worked into the builds for Chester the Molester and Tess the Molestress (Lester's Fighter20 and Warblade20 siblings).
big bear
08-31-06, 09:00 AM
mo?lest? /m??l?st/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[muh-lest] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–verb (used with object)
1. to bother, interfere with, or annoy.
2. to make indecent sexual advances to.
3. to assault sexually.

Man, I'd be really annoyed if everything I tried to do to an opponent got me an AoO in return. Great build. Im not sure if it is worth the 30 bucks to go buy Tome of Battle but very, very cool.
08-31-06, 09:21 AM
No Mageslayer?
08-31-06, 09:54 AM
Look at Crusader's Stances Gained. It specifically says that a 1st level crusader gets a 1st level stance. If it wasn't for that annoying line, I'd have an extra feat (yes feats are the reason I didn't go spiked chain; originally, I was shooting for the Faith Unyielding feat though).
I'm away from my books at the moment, but that's just rediculous. I'm sure they are talking about a 1st level crusader with only 1 IL. You could e-mail CustServ on the issue, but I think the intent of the RAW is abundantly clear.

You didn't have any problems with taking higher than 1st level maneuvers at your first level, why should you have a problem with taking higher level stances at first level?
08-31-06, 06:41 PM
No Mageslayer, this is a melee vs. melee build. The case for Mageslayer lowering ML is too risky. His brother Chester will have it.

I know, T_G, but where it doesn't say "a 1st level crusader starts off with knowledge of 5 Xth level manuvers", it does say "a 1st level crusader starts off with knowledge of one 1st level stance" or something to that effect. A CustServ ruling in my favor would be appreciated.
08-31-06, 07:13 PM
Dammit RT, You've inspired me back to the CO board.

I'd like to put out Dirty Hand Dan (vAlpha):

Human Fighter 8/Sword Sage 2/Monk 2/Master of Nine 4/Shadow Sun Ninja 4

1 Fighter: Improved Initiative, Dodge, Blind Fight
2 Fighter: Combat Reflexes
3 Sword Sage: Adaptive Style
4 Sword Sage
5 Monk (Passive Way Style): Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike
6 Monk: Improved Trip, Two Weapon Fighting
7 Fighter
8 Fighter: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
9 Master of Nine: Iron Heart Aura
10 Master of Nine
11 Master of Nine
12 Shadow Sun Ninja: Stone Guard Warrior
13 Shadow Sun Ninja
14 Shadow Sun Ninja
15 Shadow Sun Ninja: Defensive Throw
16 Fighter
17 Fighter: Rolimbar's Gambit
18 Fighter: Mage Slayer (or Greater TWF if Mageslayer's CL hit hit my Initiator Level)
19: Fighter: Defensive Sweep
20: Master of Nine

Important Maneuvers/Stances:
Shadow Stride @ lvl 13
Thicket of Blades @ lvl 9
Balance on the Sky @ lvl 20
Raging Mongoose @ lvl 20

I am going for a "normal" fighter who transitions into an unarmed/unarmored fighter later in his career. I do not have the AoO's of Lester, but I build them up in my bank with Stormguard Warrior, and unleash H*** with all of my attacks.
08-31-06, 07:17 PM
It's interesting. All three base classes in ToB have the same language about stances. Each one states something to the effect that a 1st level whatever can learn a first level stance. I have no idea about intent but RAW is pretty clear like you said RT.
Kuroi Kenshi
08-31-06, 07:40 PM
Awesome build.
08-31-06, 09:22 PM
Dammit RT, You've inspired me back to the CO board.
High praise. Interestingly enough, Lester is a poster boy for the Incubus standard of tanks (as per your sig), isn't he?

Glad to hear everyone likes or has been given ideas by this build.
08-31-06, 09:44 PM
Mageslayer lowering manifester level? That's like saying Practiced Spellcaster will work with manifester level.

The effect is obvious. It will stop mages, but not psions, and it doesn't hinder psionics.
08-31-06, 10:19 PM
RAW-wise, yes, but it's one of those things you don't want to step on a DM's toes with.
09-01-06, 03:06 PM
High praise. Interestingly enough, Lester is a poster boy for the Incubus standard of tanks (as per your sig), isn't he?Praise is well earned.

I had forgotten about how the PWM gave extra AoO, and after you posted that Lester, I spent 2 days wracking the number to try to pull off a warmind or psionic fist to PWM build that doesn't level dip into 5 base classes and still wrack up the AoO's.

Personnaly though, I would forgo PWM and trade the prerequisite 4 feats (Psionic Dodge, WF(LS), Psionic Weapon, 1 extra psi-warrior feat) for Stormguard Warrior, EWP Spiked Chain, and the 3 extra ML's.

Defensive Throw adds an AoO if the target of your Dodge feat misses you (sure it is a trip attack, but that still counts as a decline for SW). :DNM, I forgot that you are working through the cruasader. I don't think getting SGW would be easy for them.
09-01-06, 05:00 PM
The best part about this guy is that he doesn't use 4 classes and 18 PrCs. Streamlined.
09-01-06, 06:38 PM
DoO stands for ?

09-01-06, 10:57 PM
AoO stands for Attack of Opportunity, the currency of melee ownage in the higher levels. The more you make them provoke, the faster you win.
09-02-06, 03:34 PM
With a 32 point buy, how would you build this character?
09-02-06, 10:30 PM
You never need more than a base 13 in Str (buffs will take care of the rest) and 13 in Int. Con and Dex are important in the early game, Wisdom in the late game. Cha can be dumped.
So to leave Cha at 8 and bump Str and Int to 13 is 10 points out of 32. Bumping the other three to 14 is another 18 points, leaving us with 4 points left. I personally would use that to bump Dex to 16. Put one point into Dex at level 8 and the rest of your level increases should go to Wisdom.
Kuroi Kenshi
09-02-06, 11:24 PM
The best part about this guy is that he doesn't use 4 classes and 18 PrCs. Streamlined.You'd be suprised at the proportion of the most powerful builds here using only 1 or 2 PrCs, one or both of which are taken to their max levels.
09-03-06, 10:15 AM
You'd be suprised at the proportion of the most powerful builds here using only 1 or 2 PrCs, one or both of which are taken to their max levels.
To be honest it's pretty much a good indicator of someone with solid rules knowledge & common sense.

Plenty of people dabble in "theory" builds but I always find a simple but well thought through build more fun to read & think about.

Kudos again RT
09-03-06, 06:55 PM
Indeed; this is a great example of build "elegance."
09-03-06, 07:39 PM
Indeed; this is a great example of build "elegance."
That's EXACTLY what I ment by 'streamlined'. ;) Elegance works better, though.
09-03-06, 09:29 PM
Indeed; this is a great example of build "elegance."
If you want to see build elegance, take a look at wolfie-kun's Ruby Shadow ( build.

It may be a bit more complex, but it's so tightly optimized that it's what I would consider an "elegant" build.
09-04-06, 02:36 AM
Flatterers, all of you.

T_G, suggestions for a Warblade 20 take (Lester's sister Tess the Molestress)?
09-04-06, 03:24 PM
Flatterers, all of you.

T_G, suggestions for a Warblade 20 take (Lester's sister Tess the Molestress)?

Warblade 20 is a little overboard, me thinks. I would like to dip around a bit to pimp it out some more. Optimizing for the warblade's 20th level ability seems silly to me.

The focus should be on getting warblade to mix w/ some more int synergy and then work in some high-powered short dips to grab some good class abilities or feats.

As you've found with Lester the two most important maneuvers are thicket of blades and defensive rebuke. Mix that w/ a goodly amount of reach & we have a winner. Unfortunately for a warblade that would mean that we need to invest 2 feats. *le sigh*

Spiked chain is an obvious weapon of choice for a few reasons: finessable (this synergizes with a high dex needed for a lot of AoOs), reach weapon but able to attack adjacent squares, it's exotic (this is good for getting some EWM tricks).

I'll ponder the finer details...
09-04-06, 04:19 PM
I would make the siblings some kind of battlefield controllers... using throws, bull-rushes, knock-back weapons, awesome blow, and similar effects to get people into his threatened area... something as simple as mighty throw could really mess up a characters day...
09-04-06, 09:01 PM
Ugh. I'm working on a build right now that forces enemies to attack it and is almost impossible to hit, but it's hard going -- the feat requirements are insane.

It's fine at level 20, of course, butyou get such random abilities earlier on that survival would be questionable at best.
09-27-06, 11:07 AM
Here's Lester's little brother!
Rhonin the Big
11-16-06, 12:09 AM
A big suggestion: Drop either Rolibar's gambit or karmic strike for Defensive Sweep. If they move in Thicket of Blades its an AoO, but Defensive Sweep gives you an AoO if they remain in your threatened area from their 1st turn to their next.

Remind me to smack you with that White Raven boost that denies you AoOs for 3 rounds, Nox too. Very nice build, though a bit suggestive.
11-22-06, 12:21 PM
:bump: for the link

11-22-06, 01:13 PM
If you want to see build elegance, take a look at wolfie-kun's Ruby Shadow ( build.

It may be a bit more complex, but it's so tightly optimized that it's what I would consider an "elegant" build.
Wow, people are linking to that build left and it seriously that good?

Btw, RadicalToaist, I want to find a DM that would let me use Lester. This looks like a really, really fun build (don't remember if I've mentioned this before or not, I use much smaller #posts/page sizes than normal, and don't want to search through the thread).
11-22-06, 10:57 PM
Well, Lester's problem as far as DM acceptance is not so much the power level he attains but the amount of AoO-mid-turn adjudication he requires. Your DM might get irritated at having to ask you to roll for an AoO every thirty seconds. Remember those abusive Dervish builds with 24 attacks per full attack that take half an hour to resolve their turns? You may be like that, except on everyone else's turns.
11-22-06, 11:34 PM
Well, Lester's problem as far as DM acceptance is not so much the power level he attains but the amount of AoO-mid-turn adjudication he requires. Your DM might get irritated at having to ask you to roll for an AoO every thirty seconds. Remember those abusive Dervish builds with 24 attacks per full attack that take half an hour to resolve their turns? You may be like that, except on everyone else's turns.
Bah, just grabbing Stormgaurd Warrior would keep that from being an issue. I really meant I want to find a 3.5 DM who will allow ToB and psionics...
11-23-06, 09:26 AM
Well, not much I can help you with there, I happen to be playing under two but they live in a different province and I need OpenRPG to play with them over the 'net.
12-18-06, 12:17 PM
Followed the advice of many and put Mage Slayer and Defensive Sweep in for Lester's last feats. Did I get Defensive Sweep's prereqs right?
Rhonin the Big
12-19-06, 01:53 PM
All defensive sweep requires is BaB +15
12-19-06, 02:03 PM
Now for an interesting twist. Flanking optimization.

There are a couple of abilities that help with this:
Warblade's int to damage while flanking
Vexing Flanker (+4 to attack while flanking)
Wolf Tactics Stance (1/2 IL to damage while flanking).
Adaptable Flanker/Elocator (Shift your flanking position for flanking purposes).

All of this is fairly accessable to a straight warblade. It would require 3 feats (combat reflexes, vexing flanker, adaptable flanker). Helloooo human bonus feat. You could have this puppy running by 3rd level (minus the int to damage bit, which IIRC you'd get at 7th warblade level).

Mix with a pole arm (for reach) and armor spikes (to attack adjacent foes) and you may just have a winner. Your armor spikes could also have the defending enhancement to shift their enhancement bonus over to AC when you're not using them.

Food for thought.
Rhonin the Big
12-20-06, 05:21 PM
Put the Harmony enhancement on that polearm for an extra +2 on attack rolls while flanking, power attack is obvious for this warblade. The prob'm is you need an ally for flanking (unless your DM allows adaptable flanker to flank with yourself), you also need high reach and if your opponent has improved uncanny dodge you're as useless as an ooze wizard.
12-21-06, 09:45 PM
Tess the Molestress, their older sister, is complete.
Rhonin the Big
12-21-06, 10:36 PM
Add some Warforged Juggernaut onto Molestron just for the hell of it.
Rhonin the Big
12-26-06, 09:24 PM
:bump: Hey RT, do you think Nox ( is worthy of becoming an honorary Molester?
12-31-06, 04:50 PM
I'd say he deserves adoption.

While we're at it, I'd like to extend the family to chifari's excellent Aberrant Blade build, Bess the Molestress.
05-21-07, 12:39 PM
Once your enemies realize that you'll rape anything that moves within your reach, they'll stop coming into your reach. What do you do next? Do you hope that you raped them to death?

I know this is an old thread but I had a question. Wouldn't the Stand Still feat make sure you can keep enemies from evading your reach? Give up your aoo, and they have to make a ref check at 10+damage or end their move action where they are? or does it contradict other feats/abilities for the build?
05-21-07, 01:48 PM
Well, you can switch feats out if you so wish. Lester is more about killing things dead with AoOs than battlefield control; look to his brother Chester the Molester for that.
06-21-07, 09:20 AM
Once your enemies realize that you'll rape anything that moves within your reach, they'll stop coming into your reach. What do you do next? Do you hope that you raped them to death?

The Goad Feat might work, or a few levels in Knight, i belive they get the abilty to make targets attack them and not allies.
07-05-07, 11:40 PM
Preparing for Nestor...
07-06-07, 11:00 AM
I just finished working on a build similar to this, though it's nowhere near as nasty at level 9.

But a very belated question:

Does Stormguard warrior trigger when someone provokes an AoO, but you don't have the ability to take one?

IE you have 10 AoOs for the round, and use them. On AoO provoke #11, can you just say "I get +4 from Stormguard next turn"?
Tempest Stormwind
07-06-07, 11:08 AM
No, because you don't have an AoO to forfeit.
07-11-07, 12:17 AM
This should be the last of the Molesters for a while. Currently Under Construction.

Nestor the Molester: Human Psychic Warrior 14/Crusader1/War Mind5

Class - Feat
Psychic Warrior 1 - Two Feats, Combat Reflexes
Psychic Warrior 2 - Link Power
Psychic Warrior 3 - Feat
Psychic Warrior 4
Psychic Warrior 5 - Feat
War Mind 1 - Feat
War Mind 2
War Mind 3
Crusader 1 - Martial Stance: Thicket of Blades
War Mind 4
War Mind 5
Psychic Warrior 6 - Feat
Psychic Warrior 7
Psychic Warrior 8 - Robilar's Gambit
Psychic Warrior 9 - Feat
Psychic Warrior 10
Psychic Warrior 11 - Martial Study: Rapid Counter
Psychic Warrior 12 - Defensive Sweep
Psychic Warrior 13
Psychic Warrior 14 - Feat

You have 8 free feats. These should include following AoO-enablers:
Mage Slayer (no more casting defensively)
Supernatural Reflexes (supernatural abilities now all provoke AoOs)
Stand Still (exchange damage on a movement-provoked AoO to reduce a foe's move speed to 0)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Spiked Chain or Spinning Sword (gotta have that reach, use a reach weapon and Improved Unarmed Strike if we can't otherwise)
Combat Expertise and Improved Trip (basic battlefield control)

Other excellent feats include:
Practiced Manifester
Psychic Meditation
Metapower: Link Power
Extra Granted Maneuver
Extra Readied Maneuver (after getting Rapid Counter)
Evasive Reflexes
Possibly shooting out after Stormguard Warrior for Channel the Storm
If an unarmed specialist, Snap Kick and Improved Grapple are promising.

Essential Powers
Expansion (1st, Expanded Psionic Handbook, 2)
Biofeedback (1st, XPH, 3)
Strength of my Enemy
Reach (
Vampiric Blade
Dimension Slide
Power Weapon
Inertial Armor
Perfect Riposte
Dispelling Buffer
If a tripper, Catfall
If a grappler, Grip of Iron

Your War Mind powers should be cheap little things that require no augmentation (read: Prowess and Catfall).
Immediate and swift action powers are especially important due to their synergy with Link Power

Essential Crusader Maneuvers:
Defensive Rebuke, 3rd level Devoted Spirit boost
Rapid Counter, 5th level Diamond Mind counter

Essential Stances:
Thicket of Blades, 3rd level Devoted Spirit stance (gained through the Martial Stance feat)

Still working Nestor out. Having Lester's build freed from the feat demands of Psychic Weapon Master helps a lot; less AoOs hurt but I have Prowess and Rapid Counter to make up for it.

As you can see, Nestor has a lot of details left unfinished and is still in a modular state, leaving him flexible and adjustable to your game. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Psychic Warrior Build Guide and Compendium by WyvernSlayer (I did minor editing taking out some useless tags and added spoilers to the chapters to condense it for ease of scrolling)

Table of Contents:

1- Introduction
2- Overview of the Psychic Warrior
a: The Psychic Warrior Skeleton
b: Statistics
c: Races
d: Classes
3- Build Tips
4- Feats
5- Items
6- Powers Breakdown
7- Compendium

Introduction and Overview
Hi, and welcome to my revision of the Psychic Warrior Build Guide & Compendium. The focus of this version of the PWBG&C as opposed to the previous 3.0 and 3.5 versions is to basically provide a strong working knowledge of the class and how it operates, and then lastly provide builds for the compendium as a guide for players to draw on for mechanical ideas. I originally wrote the very first guide to psychic warriors back in version 3.0, because there was no guide available for psychic warriors, and I was unable to get much help on the topic. I hope to continue the trend of alleviating that problem with this update of the guide. Enjoy!

Overview of the Psychic Warrior

The Psychic Warrior Skeleton.

Hit Die: D8- The psychic warrior is on the intermediary hit die of d8. This might look a bit low at first, until you realize the full entourage of defenses available via powers.

BAB: Secondary- As above, it looks "off" for a melee class, but it's pretty much on target. PW's can keep up with any other melee class with ease via powers. The biggest problem I see here is lack of a 4th attack from having a high base attack bonus, eg, 16 BAB or better.

Saves: Best Fort, Poor Reflex and Will- Again, Will and reflex look low, but the right powers can easily balance this out. Will tends to be higher then for most other melee classes because the PW actually needs wisdom.

Skills: 2+ Int Modifier- The psychic warrior does not receive nearly the skills it had in the past, but it does get Autohypnosis, which is insanely useful, as well as Concentration, which should always be maxed out normally.

Statistics: The psychic warrior is very versatile, and can be played with as little as one (extreme) high statistic, to the usual number of 3-4. I recommend playing with a good Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, and Dexterity (in that order) as your mainstays. Charisma and Intelligence tend to be dumpstats, but they can also have their uses as well.

Races: The races available to psychic warrior have little to no bearing on the class normally, but there are exceptions to this statement, as some of the races are exceptionally good depending on what you want to do with the class. In general I tend to discourage small races due to lessened damage output, but they still make excellent PW's.

My top picks for race are (in no particular order):

Psionic Races

Synad- You get darkvision, a +2 bonus on any one d20 check pretty much, +2 Will, and Synad Multi-task. 3 bonus pp to boot. Abberation typed. Excellent race, and my personal favorite.

Maenad- 2 Bonus pp and their Outburst ability or whatever, it gives them a +2 to Str, but -2 to Int and Wisdom for 4 rounds once per day. It's good, but I don't like the temporary loss of bonus PP it nets you for it's duration. You can take a racial feat to get this more times per day. Energy Ray 1/x day at 1/2 character level for manifester level.

Half Giant- +2 Str and Con, -2 Dex, giant typed, and powerfully built. They are level adjusted by one, but are easily worth the adjustment thanks to powerful build. Their racial Stomp ability is useful at low levels. They also have Low-Light vision and 2 bonus pp.

Xeph- Xephs get Darkvision, +1 to all saves, 1 bonus pp, and Burst. Burst itself is marginally useful, but they can get Xeph Celerity which burns a Burst for an Extra Attack during a Full Attack. Very handy. +2 Dex -2 Str.

Elan- They are immortal, and have very useful racial abilities, as well as are aberration typed. -2 Charisma

Athasian Human- Incredibly strong, they are level adjusted by one, receive +2 to two seperate stats, and get bonus pp and 4 powers from the psion/wilder list at varying levels. This can be found in an issue of Dragon Magazine (issue 319). Darksun Setting.

Mul- Also from Darksun, these boys get +2 Strength and +4 Constitution, and get all sorts of recovery options for resting and healing, eventually gaining Fast Heal! +1 Lvl adj.

Maenad- Darksun setting, as normal, but also receives +4 Charisma. +1 Lvl adj.

Kalashtar- Eberron setting. They receive +2 on saves versus mind affecting, Mind Link 1/x day, and 1 bonus PP per level (good for higher level play for more manifestations), as well as immunity to certain dream based spells/powers. Overall I feel they are a tad weak when compared to some of the other psionic races that are available, though the free mindlink can help on dungeon crawls, and the bonus vs mind affecting is great.


Human- Standard fare here, bonus feat and skills are handy though lack of bonus pp hurts in the early game. In fact, this is a detriment to any race that is non-psionic. Bear this in mind.

Dwarf- Pretty strong, dwarven racials help stave off poison, spells and abilities, con helps you last longer, and free Exotic Weapon Proficiency with the Dwarven waraxe never hurts. Stability is a bonus and Darkvision rules...I hate dwarves haha.

Half-Orc- Darkvision and +2 Strength are the strong points here. -2 to Int and Charisma leave your wisdom alone, but the Int penalty can hurt if you were hoping to consider a tactical build.

Shifter- Eberron setting, these guys get a nice racial trait which can help power your design with a nice stat boost and utilitarian ability.

Changeling- Eberron setting, these guys are here because of their easy access to Warshaper prestige class.

Goliath- Similar to Half-Giant but you get a +4 to strength as well as powerful build, but no psionic anything. Nice and beefy though.

Multiclassing: Multiclassing is not as restrictive as it has been in the past thanks to new feats and classes being introduced over time, but this doesn't change the fact that there is very little to pick from. Slayer (Illithid Slayer in the Expanded Psionics Handbook), and Sanctified Mind (from Lords of Madness), tend to be the most powerful. Each offers Full BAB with good Will ,or Fort and Will respectively, with various useful special abilites. Each class only loses one manifester level for going into them. As a side note here, you should never try to intentionally lose manifester levels as a rule of thumb, though there are plenty of exceptions.

Build Tips
The psychic warrior is one of my favorite classes, but also one of the most balanced. It maintains it's strength through all levels of play, having no "weak spot" at any points in it's level ups. You can build pretty much any melee unit you can think of, and decently powerful ranged units as well. It is incredibly resilient and self-reliant, possessing the ability to recover or fight through challenges that are beyond most other melee units. Typically speaking most units are going to want the highest Strength possible, rounding it out with a decent Constitution and Wisdom. Dex can be low but I wouldn't ignore it too much as you already are on worst reflex, and over reliance on powers is always bad.

On 28 point buy I would suggest 16 Str, 12 Dex, 14 Con, 10 Int, 14 Wis, 8 Cha, or perhaps 15 Str and 14 Dex, as the norm. If you are a ranged unit just switch Dex with Str. Wisdom is important, but as you need only a 16 Wisdom to access your highest powers known later on, you don't really need to invest a large ammount of points or ability scores into it. Int is only a consideration if you are looking for Combat Expertise, and it's subsidiary feats. Once you pick a focus for your character, make sure you stick with it. Oftentimes people decide they want to do something with their character and end up getting distracted!


There are many great feats, but I am only going to talk about ones that are very impactual to any PW build here.

Psychic Meditation- It's ability to make Psionic Focus attainment a move action is paramount to many designs.

Expanded Knowledge- This Feat lets you learn a power that isn't normally available to your list. It has the drawback that you must learn a power one level lower then the highest you can manifest, but it still enables you to learn key powers like Metamorphosis and Schism.

Practiced Manifester- This feat grants you +4 manifester levels. It can help shore up manifester holes from taking non-psionic manifesting levels in other classes, or just the lack of some, such as the first level of Slayer or Sanctified Mind and so on. It also has the bonus of granting Schism +4 Manifester levels, making Schism even more powerful when you use it.

Linked Power- This feat enables you to manifest a power next turn, by manifesting it with a power this turn. You still pay the whole cost and whant not, but it is very powerful if you attach it to something you are going to use a lot. Common choices are Dimension Hop, Vigor, Dimension Slide, Hustle.

Metapower- Very useful with Linked Power to help reduce costs of things that you may end up manifesting a lot.

Mantled Warrior- While not really a feat (this is an alternate class feature found on the Mind's Eye), this is very good due to the fact that it gives you access to not only a mantle, but many powers not normally available to you, as well as Don Mantle and Tap Mantle. My top choice would be the Freedom mantle over all other for most use, but I do recommend Time Mantle for it's Temporal Accleration and granted ability, as well as Nature Mantle for Metamorphosis. As an interesting aside, don't forget about the Good or Evil Mantle. Both of them afford you with Protection from Alignment, and grant you Planar Apotheosis and more, which enables you to Metamorph into an extra planar entity. Most popular combat choice is the Planetar.

Also note that while you may not be able to access powers higher then 6th level from your mantles, they are still on your list, meaning you can access them via certain items like Dorjes.

Soulbound Weapon- This ability (like Mantle Trained)summons a specific weapon, one of your choice whenever you use it, grants you Weapon Focus for Free, and nets you free Enhancements on the weapon. Not the powerhouse that the other feats/abilites are, but still solid.

Earth Sense- This lets you know that something is within 20' of you on the ground. While nifty it's really here because of...

Earth Power- As long as you are standing on the ground, you may reduce pp costs by one point. An excellent feat, especially since Psychic Warrior is already starved for power points.

I don't really stress Items normally but here is a small tidbit list of items to keep your eyes peeled for.

Deep Crystal Weapons- These are great because you can fuel pp into them for extra damage. Always handy.

Torc of Power Preservation- Reducing PP costs never, ever sucks.

Boots of Temporal Acceleration- Two rounds of Timestop attached to boots...yeah.

Powers (XPH)
Powers Section

Here I will cover many of the powers that are of use to the PW.

1st Level Powers


Bite of the Wolf- Still good for 1d8 of bite lovin damage.

Claws of the Beast: 1d4 of claw dmg, albeit for two attacks at lower levels. You can augment it by paying additional power points. It's biggest normal use is getting you two attacks long before you would normally get one (at 8th level). Dur 1hr/lvl. Great power.

Dissipating Touch: 1d6 for 1pp, and you can pay an additional point (unlimited) for an additional 1d6...

Expansion: Very good as always, there's nothing wrong with being Large! It now also comes with augmentation!

Grip of Iron: +4 to Grapple! and it can be augmented!

Hammer: 1d8 touch attack that lasts for one round...even with augmentation this does not get my thumbs up.

Metaphysical Claw: You are only able to manifest this power on another various claw power, or natural claw weapon. Augmentable. 1min/ lvl

Metaphysical Weapon: Still good, and of course augmentable. 1 min/lvl

Precognitive Offense: +1 on attack rolls and augmentable for Swift and higher Atk. 3pps for Atk, 6 for swift. Excellent.

Prescienct Offense: +2 to dmg, and augmentable for more Dmg and Swift, for 3 & 6 pp's respectively. Okay.

Defensive Powers

Biofeedback- This former god power is now relegated to DR 2/-
You can augment it by 1/- for every 3pp you spend in addition. 1 min/lvl.

Catfall- Catfall still rocks, even if you have to pay 1pp for it. It is now augmentable also by paying one PP per 10'. Immediate action.

Empty mind- +2 on will saves til next action. Immediate action. Mediocre.

Force Screen: the Shield of Psionics! 1/min lvl Augmentable by 1 for 4 pp's.

Inertial Armor- The mage armor of Psionics, Augmentable by 1 for 2 pp's. 1/hr lvl Very Good.

Precognitive Defense- +1 insight to ac and saves! Augmentable by 1 for 3 pp's, Swift for 6.

Thicken Skin: +1 enhancement bonust to AC for 10 min/lvl. Augmentable by 1 for 3 pp's, Swift for 6.

Vigor: +5 temporary HP, Augmentable by 5 for 1pp. 1min/lvl. Excellent.


Burst: move +10' for 1 round, swift

Call Weaponry: This old power got a neat twist, now you can still call a weapon, but if you Augment by 4 it gains an enhancement bonus by 1.

Compression: It has it's uses if you need to shrink for some reason.

Detect Psionics: Do we need to cover this?

Elfsight: Useful if you like low-light vision.

Skate: A staple power for movement based builds now. +15' movement.

Stomp: This can be very useful at low-levels.

2nd Level Powers


Dissolving Touch- 4d6 acid, augmentable b 1d6 for every 2 pp's spent. Useful if you need acid dmg, otherwise dissipating touch is better in the long run.

Dissolving Weapon- See above.

Painful Strike: 1d6 subdual on top of your normal natural weapon. Augmentable by 6 for Swift.

Psionic Lions Charge- Charge and than full attack...augmentable by 1pp to gain an extra dmg on each attack afterwards...Excellent.

Strength of my Enemy- This is actually really good in boss battles or battles with powerful melee foes, it does 1 str dmg per hit and adds it to your own (cap is @ +8). If you hit multiple targets, the str is tracked seperately and you gain the highest. Augmentable by 3 pp's to max the cap by 2, 6 for swift.


Body Adjustment- Heal 1d12 of dmg, augmentable by 2pp's to heal an additional 1d12. Not bad.

Body Purification- Heals 2 ability points, but not against ability drain..augmentable by 1ppt to heal 1abpt. Pretty Good.

Concealing Amorpha- 20% miss chance. 1 min/lvl. Ok.

Energy Adaptation, specified- Specific elemental resist 10, later increasing to 20 @ 9th lvl, and 30 @ 13th lvl. Augment by 4 to Immediate. 10/min lvl. Good.

Sustenance- Go 24 hours w/o food and drink. This is just cool.

Thought Shield- you gain PR 13 against mind-affecting. Augment by 1 to increase by one. Lasts one round, eh.


Animal Affinity- This former god is still pretty darn good considering it's flexibility. +4 to any stat (enhancement bonus) Lasts 1/min lvl.

Darkvision- it's there if you need it. 1/hr lvl.

Detect Hostile Intent- This is actually very good in my book. 30 radius centered on you let's you become aware of anyone with hostile intent towards you. You also cannot be caught flat-footed or surprised by anyone that is susceptible to mind-affecting powers. You also gain the ability to make sense motive checks on anyone w/i 30 ' of you. Lasts 10 min/lvl.

Hustle- You abolutely have to take this power in my book. It grants you an extra move action as a swift action.

Levitate- useful

Prowess- Gain another atk of opportunity. This is okay depending on your build.

Psionic Scent- I am a big fan Scent.

Wall Walker- Very useful.

3rd Level Powers


Claws of the Vampire- This is a power that got hit hard, it now heals only half the base damage dealt. It is still useful with the other claw powers thanks to augmentation. 1/rnd lvl.

DuoDimensional Claw- Keen Claw 10/min lvl

Empathic Feedback- Your attacker takes 5 points of Empathic dmg or whichever is less of whatever they deal to you.. Augmentable by 1 for 1pp. 10 min/ lvl Excellent.

Empathic Transfer, Hostile- Errata has housed this power. The new version is in Complete Psionic.

Graft Weapon- Still the same

Keen Edge- Makes a weapon keen.

Vampiric Blade- See Claws of the Vampire.


Greater Concealing Amorpha- 50% concealment. 1/rnd lvl Woot.

Danger Sense- +4 to saves vs. traps. Dungeon Crawl...but that's about it.

Evade Burst- Evasion as an immediate action- good for the Dungeon Crawl...

Mental Barrier: Gain +4 deflection to AC as a an immediate action. Augmentable by 4 to increase the bonus by one, or by 1 to increase duration by 1/rnd. Lasts 1 rnd. Pretty nifty I guess.


Dimension Slide- Dimension Door with weight limit of 20 lbs. Augment by 4 to do as a move equivalent. Very Good.

Ectoplasmic Form- basically gaseous form, seems out of flavor.

Escape Detection- useful as a utililty power, build depending. lasts 1hr/ lvl.

Ubiquitous Vision- 360 degree vision, prevents you from being flanked, but makes you more susceptible to gaze attacks, you also gain +4 enhancement to spot and search. 10 min/lvl ..not bad.

4th Level Powers


Claw of Energy- useful at times.

TrueVenom- 1d8 con dmg with 2ndary save- just toss it on your claw and your good to go...last 1min/lvl or until discharged.

TrueVenom Weapon- This has potential. 1min/lvl.

Weapon of Energy- Gain an elemental burst on your weapon. lasts 1 rnd/lvl. There's some potential here.


Energy Adaptation- You gain elemental resistance 10, than 20 @ 9th and 30 @ 13th. Augment by 4 to manifest Immediately. Excellent.

Inertial barrier- Gain DR 5/-. It also absorbs 1/2 dmg from falling. Ok. 10 min/ lvl

Steadfast Perception- You become immune to illusions (figments and glamers only) and gain +6 enhancement on search & spot checks. This is more of a utility spell but I put it here instead.


Dimenesion Door, Psionic- It's Dimension door, with an augment of 4 to do as a move equivalent!

Psionic Freedom of Movement- It's freedom of movement. Lasts 10 min/ lvl. Good as always.

5th Level Powers


PsychoFeedback- A bit more balanced than before in my opinion, this power is still very good. You now sack a nonphysical stat (int, wis, cha) to bump up a physical one by whatever amount you sac. The only downside is ability Burn, which can only be healed naturally. Read up on this one more for a better explanation. 1 rnd/lvl


Adapt Body- Automatically adapt to hostile terrain. Not bad. Lasts 1/hr lvl.

Catapsi- You make all other Psionics cost 4 more pp's than usual, with manifester level caps still in effect. It has a 30' radius, and Augmentation of 4pp's to increase radius by 5'. Will negates though...

Oak Body- This power is too lengthy and not that great.

6th Level Powers


Breath of the Black Dragon- 11d6 acid dmg, augment by 1pp to gain 1d6 dmg. This is just good.

Form of Doom- Okay, DR 5/-, Natural Armor 5, +4 Enhancement to Str, +10 movement (land), and +10 Climb& Jump. You also gain Frightful Presence DC 16+cha mod, and 4 tentacles that you can attack with at -5 penalties during Full attack. If you FA with the Tentacles only they do 2d8 + 1.5 str bonus on each strike. This is just really cool in my opinion, as well as just plain old good.


Dispelling Buffer- The new version of Ablating, it's still a mandatory on my list. It adds +5 to the DC of all dispel checks against it, but is checked last against targeted dispel, and is checked according to it's level for area dispel.

Mind Blank, Personal- This is just too good to not have, nuf said.


Suspend Life- eh. It has it's uses.

Powers, from CPsi

First Level Powers

Adrenaline Boost- Swift power, pretty neat, duration is terrible.

Call Armor- This is very useful.

Deaden Blow- lets you do nonlethal...I'd rather take the penalty though.

Extend Range- Very cool for hitting targets from miles away.

Inspire Mount- Very Case specific, but good at what it does.

Mighty Spring- This one gets my attention thanks to my love of Battlejump and Leap Attack.

2nd Level Powers

Damp Power- This knocks down all numeric variables form spells, powers, and effects to is a bit more limiting than it sounds, but it's a very good power in my book. You can even augment it to affect allies.

Energy Emanation- I like the idea of my enemies taking damage because they are even near me. Throw in psionics love of varied effects based on energy type and you have a decent power.

Extend Reach- It's back, it's weaker, but it is still a solid power. I should like to throw this on a use activated item.

Moment of Insight- Vanilla? It has it's uses. Eh.

Perfect Archery- An absolute must have for any archer, it prevents AoO for firing a ranged weapon. Excellent Excellent.

Stygian Erasure- I hate negative levels. If you're in a campaign that features undead and negative energy you can't go wrong with this one.

3rd Level Powers

Empathic Transfer, Hostile has been modified. It's weaker now in every respect, and it still does not have an increasing save DC. Why? The only thing I like about it is being able to select my targets at an earlier level and avoiding friendly fire. Disappointing overall though.

Stygian Bane- Case specific again, but worth it in an undead setting.

Telekinetic Boomerang- From Races of Stone (or Wild) I believe, I just love this power, awesome for throwing your best weapon over and over again.

4th Level Powers

Dimension Door, Psionic- This received even more options. Better than ever.

Planar Apotheosis- I like the flavor and feel of this, especially since it seems to combine a few different powers/abilities into one neat package. Not overly strong, but strong enough, as well as good flavor.

Psychokinetic Weapon- At first I thought this would be a terrible power, but it is actually quite good. I doubt I would take it early on, since there are many other better 4th level powers, but maybe later on, when I get to the 5th level stuff...

Stygian Disruption- The whole stygian line is good for one thing, but they are ever so good at it.

5th Level Powers

5th level powers still suck overall. I almost always end up taking other, weaker powers that are much more useful.

Empower Weapon- I would definitely put this on a weapon via craft, and it's a good "for later use" ability on a boring day in the life of an adventurer. It's okay.

Perfect Riposte- From Races of Stone, I absolutely love this power, especially for tanking or other high AC builds. Free attacks are never bad.

Stomp, Greater- A great tactical move but...PW really never has that high of a save DC, or an overabundance of pp's...

6th Level Powers

Inconstant Location- This lets you teleport anywhere you can see as a swift action at the beginning of each of your turns (optional). It doesn't provoke AoO's, and you can move anywhere you could normally move, and carry your max load all at the same time. This is just ...awesomely neat.

Mind over Energy- Immunity to one energy type...pretty good though Energy Adaptation usually covers this angle very well, and with a lot more versatility.

Rage of the Remorhaz- Fire only, but it does much more than energy emanation, but functions only when you get hit (touched).

and my favorite part

Build Compendium
Below are some example builds for the guide, feel free to add any if you wish. I've tried to keep a lot of the builds simple, though some may vary quite a bit from the norm. All in all these basically just serve to demonstrate some of the things that the PW is capable of. Enjoy!

1: Sword & Shield (Sword & Board)
2: Two Hand Weapon
3: Dual Wielding
4: Polearms
5: Archery
6: Thrown
7: Unarmed
8: Spiked Chain/Chain Lash
9: Critical
10: Miscellaneous
11: Grapple
12: Dual Weapon
13: Mounted Builds

Sword & Shield Builds

Sword & Board AC Build

Human, PW 20

1: Combat Manifesting
1: Shield Specialization- Extreme Shield
1: Focused Shield
2: Mantle Trained- Freedom
3: Tap Mantle
5: Shielded Manifesting
6: Shield Ward
8: Exotic Armor Proficiency- Dwarven Battle Plate
9: Heavy Armor Optimization
11: Deflective Armor
12: Combat Expertise
14: Expanded Knowledge: Schism
15: Psychic Meditation
17: Overchannel
18: Talented
20: Greater Heavy Armor Optimization

This build concentrated on AC, but getting the most out of it. Use the Extreme Shield Variant from Races of Stone to sub out proficiency with Tower Shields for Extreme Shields. Right from the start you can get a +5 Shield bonus to AC. Assume a Chain Shirt and a 12 Dexterity and you start off with 20 AC at level one with ease. Over time you fill up using the heaviest armors you can find, using Heavy Armor Optimization to enhance them, and grab Shield Ward and Deflective Armor to get your touch AC up, as well as being more resistant to grapples, trips, etc etc. I recommend taking Iron Will at level 12 if you are interested in pursuing Sanctified Mind as well, and are willing to forgo Overchannel/Talented line. Powers like Defensive Precognition, Thicken Skin and so on help this build to keep it's AC and saves high, and powers like Dampen Power help to shore up weaknesses like low Reflex, feats like Shielded Manifesting insure that you are always pumping out powers with no worry.

Sword & Shield Tactical Build

PW14/SM6, Human

1: Improved Shield Bash
1: Combat Expertise
1: Improved Trip
2: Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Oversized TWF
5: Shield Charge
6: Combat Reflexes
8: Two Weapon Pounce
9: Shield Slam
11: Power Attack
12: Iron Will
14: Psychic Meditation
15: Psionic Weapon
18: Deep Impact

This is a Sword & Shield Build that takes advantage of having a shield, but shores up the typical weakness of such builds by playing a bit more tactically. It doesn't have the sheer AC of other builds, or the sheer damage or control of other builds, but it touches on all various aspects with relative ease. The build utilizes a shield for Defense, but also for damage as well. Oversized Two Weapon Fighting enables you to Dual Wield your Heavy Shield at a -2 penalty. Your main hand weapon is the flail. This useful one handed weapon can be used both to make trip attempts, and nets you a +2 bonus on disarm checks. For rare occasions where you don't have your flail, Shield Charge still lets you make a trip attempt on charge with your shield, and paves the way for Shield Slam later. Shield Slam has a very good chance of Dazing your target based on it's 10+1/2 character level +STR mod DC save. Two Weapon Pounce comes in later, letting you attempt Dazes and trips all in the same charge. Combat Reflexes is there to let you gain extra Attacks of Opportunity on downed foes, and Power Attack nets you extra damage versus those same foes as well. Iron Will sets up for Sanctified Mind, with Psionic Weapon setting up for Deep Impact at the higher levels. At the end of this you get the ability to trip, daze, twf, and disarm, as well as take advantage of some other slight possibilities.

Two Hand Weapons

1: Power Attack
1: Cleave
1: Furious Charge/Reckless Charge
2: Up the Walls
3: Dodge
5: Leap Attack
6: Improved Bull Rush
8: Shock Trooper
9: Combat Expertise
11: Karmic Strike
12: Combat Reflexes
14: Leap of the Heavens
15: Expanded Knowledge-Schism or metamorphosis
17: Psychic Meditation
18: Psionic Weapon
20: Deep Impact

A sample design, this build enables you to make best use of Leap Attack by letting you fill it's requisite activation easily via Up the Walls. Later on Leap of the Heavens is used so you can just jump straightaway if there is nothing available to "Up the Walls." You get to Shock Trooper as early as possible to get best bang for your buck with Power Attack and Leap attack, and round it out with Karmic Strike/ Combat Reflexes line for additional firepower. Expanded Knowledge-Schism or Metamorphosis will insure your longevity, and Psychic Meditation line rounds you out to get to Deep Impact at the End. If Deep Impact comes to late for you just try subbing it in earlier and moving leap of the heavens to the end. Just make sure you grab a deep crystal weapon!

Dual Wielding

Dual Wielding Strength Build

Human, PW14, Sanctified Mind 6
1: Two-Weapon fighting
1: Power Attack
1: Cleave
2: Mantle Trained- Freedom
3: Tap Mantle
5: Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting
6: Exotic Weapon Proficiency- Heavy Bastard Sword or Heavy Dwarven Waraxe.
8: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
9: Weapon Focus- Heavy Bastard Sword
11: Improved Critical
12: Iron Will
14: Expanded Knowledge- Schism
15: Two-Weapon Rend
18: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

A high Strength Dual wielding build, it utilizes the Freedom mantle for enhanced movement options such as +10' base move, Dimension Hop, Fly, and later teleport. This strength makes excellent use of powers like Animal Affinity and Strength of my Enemy, which tend to only be good for a few levels. You are able to get anywhere on the board and implement a Full Attack via teleporation, or Psionic Lion's charge if need be, and get more damage then the average build by dual wielding heavy blades. These bad boys do 2d8 each. Toss in Two-weapon Rend later and you have good consistent damage. If you are willing to forgo two levels, I would say pick up two levels of Exotic Weapon Master for Exotic Trip and Uncanny Blow, rounding it out with Practiced Manifester. You can make room for this by giving up EK: Schism, or getting rid of mantle trained, taking EK: Dimension Hop; freeing up room for Practiced Manifester.

Dual Wielding Dexterity Build

PW14/SM6 or Slayer 6, Human

1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency- Elven Thinblade
1: Two Weapon Fighting
1: Oversized Two Weapon Fighting
2: Weapon Finesse
3: Weapon Focus
5: Expanded Knowledge- Dimension Hop
6: Power Critical
8: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
9: Improved Buckler Defense
11: Improved Critical
12: Iron Will
14: Expanded Knowledge- Schism
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
18: Two-Weapon Rend

This build is a dexterity based pw who focuses on landing lots of quick hits that can explode easily into criticals. You finish up with 1d8 15-20 critical threat, with a +4 on any confirmation roll, with two weapon rend for a bit of additional damage. EK: Dimension hop helps you move around the field netting lots of Full attacks as an alternate to the Psionic Lion's route charge. Be sure to take Force Screen in the early game, and later when it's usefulness begins to wear thin, take Improved Buckler Defense for a better shield value to AC. Nothing too fancy here, but if you're willing to forgo the extra base attack and Improved Buckler Defense, you can grab Psychic Meditation and Link Power for more fun and options on the battlefield.

Xeph Dual Wielder

PW 20

1: Two-Weapon Fighting
1: Xeph Celerity
2: Weapon Finesse
3: Weapon Focus
5: Expanded Knowledge: Dimension Hop
6: Extra Burst
8: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
9: Psychic Meditation
11: Link Power
12: Improved Critical
14: Expanded Knowledge: Schism
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
17: Power Critical
18: Two Weapon Rend
20: EK- Second Chance

This is a build designed to take advantage of Xeph Celerity. You start the game off with the potential to make 3 attacks a round (for 3 rounds at least). If you are lucky to start with the 20 modified Dexterity, and Off Prescience active, you can pound out 3 attacks at +4. Consider the average AC at level one is around 13-14 and you have a 50% chance to hit any average foe (approximately). Like the archery build this build just keeps grabbing whatever it can along the way to nail those extra attacks and actions, as well as Weapon Focus to help you hit. Expanded Knowledge: Dimension Hop is extraordinary in this build, allowing you to possibly make short teleports around the field and get a Full Attack; even possibly setting up Flanking and whatnot. Improved Critical and Power Critical are there to take advantage of all those attacks your getting by increasing your threat range, and helping to secure those hits. Standard recommendation of Exp K: Schism and Link Power of course for fast flying actions, and Exp K: Second Chance for another shot at just about anything. Again Two Weapon Rend for a bit of consistent extra damage.

Critical Hit

PW11/PWM8/PWM1, Maenad

1: Power Attack
1: Cleave
2: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Jhovar
3: Weapon Focus: Jhovar
5: Psychic Meditation
6: Psionic Weapon
8: Dodge
9: Psionic Dodge
11: Mobility
12: Instinctive Consummator
15: Deep Impact
18: Practiced Manifester/Greater Psionic Weapon/ or Wounding Strike.

This build starts off with an 18-20 crit range, which will have to hold you over until you get a keen weapon, extending to 15-20. At level 12 you can take PWM. The final stroke doesn't come until level 18 when you're crit range goes up to 13-20, but you get increased multiplier and all other sorts of goodies from PWM. Instinctive Consummator was chosen over Power Critical, since this is a single weapon build, and makes use of the fact that you must choose Psionic Weapon (sort of forcing you to take Psionic Meditation to use it even reasonably well). You get the benefit of this feat at level 12, and it allows you to automatically confirm a critical hit by expending your Psionic Focus. This is really handy if you land an attack with Critical Multiplier active. Deep Impact is in the build for later to get easier hits with Power attack (and hopefully a critical when possible), and finishes off with one of the suggested 18th level feats. I really like Wounding Strike, as you can choose Wounding as one of your weapons PWM abilities. This is awesome because you will deal big damage and Constitution Damage. I also suggest the Collision ability. Remember that your weapon is able to hold an extra Psionic Focus for you, so it stands to reason that you can confirm any critical threat up to twice in the same round. This could go higher as you can regain PF with a manifestation of Hustle after your attacks are over in case you land an Attack of Opportunity or something like that.


1: Combat Reflexes
1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency- Dwarven Warpike (2d6, X3 Crit, set versus charge, Trips, slashing or piercing, 45 gold...I like to call it the swiss army pike). Make sure yours is made of Deep Crystal though!
1: Jotunbrud
2: Combat Expertise
3: Improved Trip
5: Expanded Knowledge- Dimension Hop
6: Deft Opportunist
8: Standstill
9: Psychic Meditation
11: Linked Power
12: Power Attack
14: Expanded Knowledge- Schism
15: Cleave
17: Dodge
18: Mobility
20: Sidestep

A controlling reach build, this guy gets +8 Bonus straightaway from Jotunbrud and Improved Trip, Deft Opportunist grants you a +4 on Attacks of Oppurtunity, Standstill let's you keep characters at bay that you can't trip (for some reason hehe) or that you want to keep on the ground. You get EK: Dimension hop to help you maneuver around the field if you need to. Power Attack comes in later for extra damage, and Cleave for an extra attack, Dodge and Mobility pave the way for Sidestep, and you grab EK- Schism for it's wholesome goodness and nail out Linked Power at the End for tons of fun. Also, I highly recommend using a flail as a backup weapon whenever you are using a polearm, in case anything gets into your threat radius. It trips, and disarms at a +2 bonus as well. Very versatile.

Spiked Chain

PW16/SM4, human

1: EWP- Spiked Chain
1: Combat Reflexes
1: Jotunbrud
2: Combat Expertise
3: Improved Trip
5: Expanded Knowledge- Dimension Hop
6: Deft Opportunist
8: Power Attack
9: Cleave
11: Psychic Meditation
12: Link Power
14: Expanded Knowledge- Schism
15: Iron Will
18: Standstill

A spiked chain set up with a good feat progression. Nothing fancy here, just solid field control.

PsyWarrior Grappler



1: Jotunbrud (+4 grapple)
1: Improved Unarmed Strike
1: Improved Grapple (+4 Grapple)
2: Link Power (Link Expansion to Grip of Iron, as Grip of Iron cannot be manifested as a swift action via augmentation. This also let's you manifest Grip next round for "free" without provoking AoO's).
3: Metapower: Expansion to Link Power (this allows you to nail that one minute per level w/o paying extra pp's for it).
5: Psychic Meditation (You need this to make best use of of Link Power and Overchannel. If you have Vigor up, the damage won't be much of a bother).
6: Overchannel (for getting more bang for your buck of course)
8: Talented
9: Combat Manifestation (Contrary to popular opinion, you will not get as many rounds as you need to buff before attempting a grapple, so this will help you manifest while inside a grapple. You will probably be wanting to manifest powers often inside of a grapple as you progress higher in level).
11: Clever Wrestling (+2 if large, and +2 for each size Category up, as long as oppt is large size or bigger).
12: Close Quarters Fighting (things that are large tend to grapple).
14: Expanded Knowledge: Metamorphosis (firebolg firebolg)
15: Expanded Knowledge: Schism (This will enable you to manifest any buffs you need albeit at the lower manifester level. It proves itself in combat however at this level quite easily since Expansion, Grip of Iron, Bite of the Wolf, and Strength of My Enemy are low level powers).

Feats were only included up to 15 as you net the majority of pretty much everything you would want by this level. The build is pretty self-explanatory. For powers you should take Expansion, Grip of Iron, Bite of the Wolf (Vigor if you forgo one of the powers listed, or push one back to learning it at a 2nd level slot) Energy Emanation (free damage while even Attempting a grapple , Animal Affinity (for low levels), & Strength of my enemy. Psionic Freedom of Movement ensures you never get grappled (and is your bane as well). I will go out of my way here and say that (ironically), the 5th level power Psychofeedback could actually be useful here. Rage of the Remorhaz could be exceptional as well. Powers should be regulation after that. For Gear I only suggest Gloves of Titan's Grip (+8 to grapple).

Ranged Builds

1: Point Blank Shot
1: Rapid Shot
1: Precise Shot
2: Zen Archery
3: Weapon Focus
5: Psionic Meditation
6: Psionic Shot
8: Greater Psionic Shot
9: ManyShot
11: Improved Rapid Shot
12: Fell Shot
14: Expanded Knowledge: Schism
15: Improved Precise Shot
17: Improved Critical
18: Power Critical
20: Far Shot

A standard archery build utilizing Zen archery as a help tool. This helps out a lot for characters who rolled rather low stats but would still like to play the PW in some form.

Tashalatora Builds

Half GiantTashalotora of Smack


1: TWF Monk1: Monastic Training pw
Monk2: Combat Reflexes
3: OTWF PW1: Ex Wpn Prof- Heavy Gauntlets
PW2: Mantled Warrior- Natural Mantle

6: Tashalatora
PW5: Superior Unarmed Strike

9: Practiced Manifester
PW8: Don Mantle

12: Iron Will
WS1: Morphic Weapons

15: ITWF

PW11: Robillar's Gambit
18: GTWF

Necessary Powers

1: Expansion
1: Offensive Precognition
2: Psionic Lion's Charge
3: Vampiric X
4: Metamorphosis
5: Anticipatory Strike
6: Dispelling Buffer

I really was interested in putting together something that could make good use of the Tashalatora feat from Secrets of Sarlona. 3.0 had an interesting array of Psychic Warriors that actually were unarmed fighters. That disappeared in version 3.5 without resorting to Claws of the Beast and whatnot. This version as listed is pretty reasonable, getting

20d8+Con Mod HP
Fort: 15
Refl: 8
Will: 13 (11+2 Iron Will)
20th manifester level with Practiced Manifester (17th without)
6th Level powers known (1)
20th Level Monk Unarmed, Flurry, and AC bonus with a Monk's Belt (shoring up two levels).
Powerful Build.

This design assumes a few things: Unearthed Arcana level adjust buyout for one level, using a Monk's Belt, a Fanged Ring, Vampiric Weapon Power (liberties taken depending on GM, independent research), and *keen, Impact ?* Body Feeder, or various other healing per hit enchant/spells/powers.

You can net the same numbers with Human and Monkey Grip feat.

This is the more offensive version I had in mind, utilizing the TWF tree to net extra attacks. The reason for this is that the build implements Heavy Gauntlets, and you are unable to Flurry with them. Redundant... to a point...>8D. We'll get to that later though. This build is all about maxing out that juicy 2d10 Base Unarmed Damage you get at Monk 20th. I'll cut to the chase-

Unarmed Damage at Monk 20: 2d10
Improved Natural Attack/Fanged Ring: 4d8
Powerful Build, Gauntlets: 6d8
Heavy Gauntlets: 8d8
Polymorph Large: 12d8
Polymorph Huge: 16d8
Expansion 1: 24d8
Expansion2: 32d8
Morphic Weapons: 48d8

6d8 +Str Mod base damage in antimagic zones.

This is the base, here are the bonus points:

Mighty Wallop- Learn this Via research or get it on an Item. It's +1 Size Category on a bludgeoning weapon. 64d8
Sharptooth- standard, sorc/wiz4, 1round/lvl research or item. 96 d8
Earth Hammer- swift, cleric 5, 1 round/lvl research or item. 128d8

Figure in Haste item, and you are swinging for 128d8 + STR Mod x7 and additionals every round, or 896d8. Flurry is Possible with 64d8 x9 swings per round barring the use of the Heavy Gauntlets, or 576d8.

This doesn't count anything you get from Robillar's Gambit.

You heal, and/or gain ridiculous hp's and thp's all the time.

MK2, PW5, IS9, WS1, PW3

This nets you 16 BAB, and access to one 6th level power, as well as 20th manifesting.

1: Track
1: Dodge Monk1: Monastic Training
PW1: Tashalatora
3: Combat Expertise PW2: Natural Mantle
Monk2: Combat Reflexes
6: Improved Natural Attack
PW5: Karmic Strike
9: Superior Unarmed Strike

12: Don Mantle

15: Practiced Manifester

18: Robillar's Gambit
PW8- Greater TWF

Feat Layout here is designed to handle incoming foes, allowing you to make use of both Karmic Strike and Robillar's Gambit, as opposed to the straight away attacking method of the prior build. Just take the TWF tree to gain 128d8x8 per round, or 1024d8.



1: TWF Monk1: Monastic Training
PW1: Tashalatora
3: OTWF PW2: Exotic Weapon Proficiency Heavy Gauntlets
Monk2: Combat Reflexes
6: Improved Natural Attack
PW5: Superior Unarmed Strike
9: Monkey Grip

12: Practiced Manifester

15: Expanded Knowledge- Metamorphosis

18: Improved TWF


Finishes with 16 BAB, nets 10 Attacks per Round counting Haste.

4d8 imp nat atk
Poly Huge 8d8
Exp2 16d8
WS1 24d8
Ectoplasmic Fist Shard 32d8
Larger Sized Heavy Gauntlets 48d8, 64d8
Sharptooth item, research, 96d8
Earth Hammer, item, research, 128 d8
MIghty Wallop, item, research, 192 d8

You get 192d8x10 per round damage with this setup (1920d8). You can lose Improved Natural Attack and use a Fanged Ring to free up Room for robillar's Gambit later on. Especially if Psychic Reformation is an option, or retraining.

For you old King of Smack Fans I believe his damage caps out at 96d6, and he stops at 7 swings. He's also pretty useless in anti-magic, as most things are.

5d6 claws
6d6 Improved Natural Attack
Poly Huge 12d6
Expansion2, 24d6
Morphic Weapon 32d6

Sharptooth item 48 d6
Earth Hammer item 64 d6
Mighty Wallop item 96d6

That's 96d6 7x per/round or 672d6 per/round.

The Old Prime Minister of Smack would get

8d6 base claw after Exp 2, and Impr Nat Atk
Earth Hammer 16d6
Mighty Wallop 24d6

24d6 , not counting rend per swing, or 24d6 per full attack without rend (per full attack), or 24d6x4 full attacks (maximum output nova) per round or 96d6. if you give it another full attack, which is possible, you get 120d6.

I hope you enjoy the Tashalatoran God of Smack, for all unarmed fans out there. I've been dying to get my hands on a good unarmed psychic fighter in version 3.5 that wasn't claw based. This boy holds up even in antimagic, and still performs admirabley with minimum item investment.
I will be adding the rest of the builds over the next few days, as time permits. Until then, enjoy.


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