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Author Topic: Acolyte of the Eclipse [prc]  (Read 731 times)
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« on: June 29, 2009, 07:45:26 AM »

Part of an "expansion pack" for shadow magic I started a while ago -- almost two years ago, if I remember correctly. However, my laziness got the best of me and the whole thing fell through. Anyways, I came across the remnants while transfering everything from my old laptop to this one. When I was flipping through the stuff I discovered that this was one of the few finished products I had. If it creates enough interest, I'll post the rest and might even finish up what I started. *shrugs* If not, enjoy anyways.

Acolyte of the Eclipse

Hit Dice: 1d8
BAB: 3/4
Saves: Poor Fortitude, Poor Reflex, Good Will
Skill (Skill Points: 4 + INT): Bluff, Climb, Craft, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (the Planes), Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope.

01 Gloomlore, Bonus Feat
02 Health of Light and Darkness, Eclipse Blast 1d6
03 Twilit Aura, Low-light vision
04 Unluck 1/encounter
05 Bonus Luck Feat, Eclipse Blast 2d6
06 Coin (Luck)
07 Sheer Dumb Luck
08 Unluck 2/encounter, Eclipse Blast 3d6
09 Bonus Shadow Feat
10 Coin (Unluck)
11 Eclipse Blast 4d6
12 Unluck 3/encounter
13 Bonus Feat, Ever Mindful of Luck and Unluck

Gloomlore (Su): An acolyte of the eclipse manipulates the shadow of luck and turns it against his opponent. You may give up one or more attacks to force your opponent to make a will save (DC = 1/2 you mystery caster level plus you Acolyte levels and your charisma modifier, note your acolyte of the eclipse levels that grant an advancement on mystery casting count twice). If the opponent fails this will save he gains a -2 luck penalty to his saves, attack rolls, and armor class. If you gave up more than one attack, the gloomlore ability penalizes an additional -2 for each attack given up. This penalty lasts for one minute, until the target dies, or you targets another opponent. You may only target one opponent at a time with this ability.

Bonus Feat: At 1st level you gain a bonus luck or shadow feat. At 5th level you gain a bonus luck feat. At 9th level you gain a bonus shadow feat. At 13th level you gain a bonus luck or shadow feat – whichever you did not choose at 1st level.

Health of Light and Darkness (Ex): Your health is supernaturally powerful because of your mysterious powers. For each mystery caster level you have, you gain one bonus hit point. If you roll a seven for your hit points, you receive two bonus hit points instead of one because seven is a lucky number. In additional, when you roll your hit points for your acolyte of the eclipse level, you may choose to reroll the die if it is less than 3; however, you must use the rerolled result, even if it is worse than the original result.

Eclipse Blast (Su): Acolytes of the Eclipse learn both shadows and light and by channeling both they create a power admixture of energy. A number times per encounter equal to one half your Acolyte of the Eclipse level rounded down you may fire an eclipse blast. An eclipse blast takes the form of a ray 60ft long that deals 1d6 of damage at 2nd level and an additional 1d6 of damage for every three levels you have above 2nd.

Low-light Vision (Ex): You gain low-light vision.

Twilit Aura (Su): At 3rd level you project an area of shadowy illumination out to 5ft + 5ft per acolyte of the eclipse level. You may suppress or resume this aura as a swift action.

Unluck (Su): Your ability to manipulate the shadow of luck is unparalleled. After reaching 4th level, once per encounter you may force an opponent to roll his attack rolls against you twice, if either one misses he deals no damage as the attack miraculously misses you. If he makes both attack rolls, he deals 1.5x damage against you as your body seems to turn into the attack. If you are affected by concealment or a similar effect, the opponent only rolls for miss chance once. You may use this ability an extra time per encounter for every fourth level after 4th.

Coin (Su): At 6th level you may form your personal luck into a coin and give it to an ally who needs it more than you. Forming your luck into a coin takes a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. You hold a coin of any value in your hand and bless it with your luck effectively transferring all of your luck bonuses to the coin. You may hand this coin to any person and they are blessed with your luck for 24 hours or until you recall your luck (either by possessing the coin by purpose or mistake, or simply asking for your luck back). If the recipient of the lucky coin loses it or uses it in a transaction, who ever comes into possession of the coin gains your luck bonuses until the time frame is up, you own the coin again, or they give your luck back.

At 10th level you may form an opponent's unluck into a coin and transfer it to another person. To form an opponent's unluck into a coin you make a touch attack with a coin of any value this attack provokes attacks of opportunity from others surrounding you but not from the opponent himself. If your strike hits, all of his luck penalties drain from him and into the coin. You may make another touch attack to another opponent in range to place the coin on his body, this attack also draws attacks of opportunity from everyone in range (including the opponent who is to receive the coin). If there is no one else in range, your opponent's luck penalties linger on him for one round before they transfer to you (because of your possession of the coin). After that you may fully transfer them to any other person you can make a touch attack against. These luck penalties last for 24 hours, until the coin becomes possessed by another person, or until the original owner dies or recalls his own luck.

Sheer Dumb Luck (Ex): You gain two extra luck rolls per day. In addition, you gain two extra hit points instead of one this level because seven is a lucky number. If you roll a seven for your hit points for this level, double the total number of hit points gained for this level (including bonus hit points from constitution and feats like improved toughness). However, if you do roll seven for your hit points, you take 2 points of intelligence damage that can not be healed by any effect except resting because while seven is a lucky number, there are consequences for relying on luck instead of skill.

Ever Mindful of Luck and Unluck (Su): You know full well of luck and it's shadow as well as their effects. Whenever  you are effected by a luck penalty you may make a charisma check (DC 20 + penalty). If you succeed, you may instead gain a luck bonus instead of a luck penalty.

By the way, I'm back.  Big Grin

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