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Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley. -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Let's face it. Leadership is the easiest and most accesible way to gain loyal soldiers and other followers. This post shall be devoted to the leadership feat, its variants, and special info pertinent to leadership.

Linking to some Handbooks that will help in this regard: - Thrallherd Handbook - Handbook for Leadership and Army-Making

Leadership Feats:
There are many more feats that benefit leadership than the namesake feat. Here I'll list all of them that I know, plus sources or links.

Bread and Butter to become a leader. This is obvious.

Epic Leadership
Required for epic level play if you want to have an epic amount of followers. Compulsory for level 21+. Or cheezy dragonwrought kobolds with questionable rules interpretations.

Legendary Commander
Speaking of... this is just sexy. If you have epic leadership, do it.

Extra Followers (HoB)
Double followers, and +1 to leadership score? Yes please!

Improved Cohort (HoB)
Cohort's maximum level is raised to CL-1, and +1 to leadership score. Very decent, gets even better if you have multiple cohorts.

Inspirational Leadership (HoB)
Followers start battle heartened if they weren't scared beforehand, +5 to rally checks with your followers, and +1 leadership. Eh, it['s not that good if you're just leading your warband, as there won't be many circumstances where rallying will play a role. Not worth the feat slot, imo.

Practiced Cohort (HoB)
Your cohort doesn't count against teamwork benefit limits for member size, and is auto-trained to be a member; +1 leadership. Stay away from this unless you have a very large party already, and are relying on those teamwork benefits.

Assemble the Horde (DR346)
Double 1st level followers, and +1 to leadership score? Almost as awesome as Extra Followers. Do both.

Class Champion (DR346)
Get two more followers of the highest level of follower you can attain, but they must be the same class as you. I'm not sure if they have to be single-classed or not. Anyways, this feat does have potential, but it's up to you. Situationally good.

Close Cohort (DR346)
Inferior version of Improved Cohort that doesn't stack. Keep away from this.

Eye for Talent (DR346)
You can replace cohorts in weeks instead of months, +1 leadership score. I'd avoid this. Why? I'd take a more useful feat that will help my your followers not die in the first place.

Fanatical Devotion (DR346)
This, however, can be entertaining when combined with the former. You no longer take a penalty to your leadership score if your followers die. Assemble your horde, send them off, and if they die, just recruit new ones, all while sipping wine at home? XD

Dragon Cohort (Dcn)
Get a dragon cohort off the list in Draconomicon, it is treated as three levels lower for attaining it. Cool stuff, use whenever you deem a dragon would be an effective ally.

Dragon Steed (Dcn)
Get a dragonnel cohort. There are more powerful options than this.

Undead Leadership (LM)
+2 to leadership to attract undead followers/cohorts, -4 for living ones. Not too shabby for the necromancer character, or if you're undead yourself. You could always just grab what followers you wanted living, and ake them Necropolotians.

Natural Leader(DR346), Improved Leadership(DR317), Noble Born(DR333)
All these give +2 to your leadership score; Noble Born has some minor differences. I don't value these very high, as followers are capped until epic leadership, but at least Noble Born can be taken at level 1, when other leadership feats cant be (almost all require leadership as a prerequisite).

Apparently, Epic Level Handbook says that if your followers aren't commoners, warriors, or experts, that they get a level penalty. This sucks. Negotiate out of it.

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