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Author Topic: Logos - Truenamer Optimization  (Read 2067 times)
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Donkey Kong
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« on: April 20, 2011, 06:20:10 PM »

Just me thinking out loud here.  Most of my thinking is completely insane.  I drew heavily from the Tao of the Truenaming and the other Truenaming thread.  I plan to use tiles as discussed in one of those threads.  Here's what I have so far.  The Persistent Spell / Metamagic Spell Trigger / Naenhoon looks incredibly inefficient, but I guess if your DM lets you persist spells because they don't increase the level (similar to the Sudden feats, in CM or CA can't remember) then you can get yourself some typeless bonuses from some of your Truespeaking.  If this turns out well enough (which doesn't have to be that well mind you, I'm playing a PF Rogue // Monk // Shadowdancer currently as a challenge) this might be featured in a real game, so recommend nothing that a DM will hit me for, but maybe something that will make them consider it.

Marshal 1 // Truenamer 17 // Exemplar 1 // Cleric 1 (Cloistered, Knowledge, Magic, Planning)
Skill Focus (Truespeak)    [1st Level]
Item Familiar         [Flaw]
Mortalbane         [Flaw]
Skill Focus (Diplomacy)    [Marshal Bonus]
Knowledge Devotion      [Domain Trade]
Extend Spell         [Domain Bonus]
Enhance Power Sigils       [3rd Level]
Persistant Spell      [6th Level]
OPEN            [9th Level]
Metamagic Spell Trigger      [12th Level]
Quicken Truespeak      [15th Level]
Planar Touchstone      [18th Level]


Use Magic Device

Skill Trick:
Collector of Stories

Masterwork Tool of Truenaming (+2 Circumstance)
Masterwork Tool of Use Magic Device (+2 Circumstance)
Major Amulet of the Silver Tongue (+10 Enhancement)
Stone of Good Luck (+1 Luck Bonus)
Pale Green Ioun Stone (+1 Competence)
Holy Reliquary Symbol

As I said, that business with Persist doesn't even look good, so I'm sure it won't actually make the cut anywhere, that was just me being silly.  You do get to activate Cleric and Wizard items though! And you have UMD as a Class Skill! Zomgz!
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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2011, 06:29:19 PM »

Tiles and recharge ... was discussed (a little) here:

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