Spell Turrets for PCs

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Hopefully I haven't missed something, but what is to stop PC from running around with spell turrets?

Spell Turrets from DMGII p45 are magical traps that can cast four spells (one per round and a pause on the fifth to repair) of the same level, same spell list, and different schools. They can be programmed for creature types, races or individuals and trigger by true seeing.

How well they can be programmed isn't stated, but an example turret does summon a monster, buff it, and then attacks with an offensive spell. So it seems reasonable they could be programmed to buff you or the party and attack others.

When inactive, they merge with the material of the surface it is mounted on. While you could argue that lets them magically merge into something as thin as clothing, lets be conservative and say they need at least a space as large as them. Since they are diminutive that would only be a 1ft cube at most. A cubic foot of balsa wood is ~10lb easily light enough to carry around, if a bit awkward due to size. Strapping one to your back shouldn't pose a problem. If you are a 40k/WoW fan you might want to have a set of them as shaped as pauldrons (of doom!). Tossing them on a floating disk is also an option. For buffing turrets, just keep them in a bag of holding and stick an arm in every so often. Even if you rule they need to be in an actual wall, nothing stops you from carrying a section of wall in your portable hole or on a floating disk.

Unfortunately prices per level are not given, but working backwards from the examples someone found they have a crafting cost of (spell level*1000-500)*spell level. That would give them a market price of: 2nd-6000, 3rd-15000, 4th-28000, 5th-45000, 6th-66000, 7th-91000, 8th-120000, 9th-153000. Since they have CR spell level+1 and range 2-10, a 1st level turret cant be made.

So at 4th level a BSF could grab a 2nd level turret with aid (enchant), cure moderate wounds (conj),  bear's endurance (trans), and resist energy (abjur) to give himself +4 con, resist ___ 10, an average of 52.5 temporary hit points all day and a 2d8+3 heal twice a minute (maybe now they wont have to beg for healing every five seconds). Not even close to an optimal selection of spells of course. A 2nd level turret with hold person would be amazing, especially since the turret uses true seeing.

It is also a bargain even with just a single good spell. DMM persisting with nightsticks divine power and getting the spell slot back costs 27250 (1.5 nightsticks and a pearl of power) while a 4th level turret only costs 28000 and gives you three other spells on the side. For non clerics a use-activated/continuous item would cost 56000.

Spell turrets are a variety of magic traps.  The pricing is in the SRD.

Spell turrets don't seem to follow the standard pricing guide. A 4th level one is given in the book as costing 14000gp to craft, while using the trap pricing guide would make it 61100gp to craft (+1000 proximity, +500 automatic reset, +2600 for a search/disable dc 29, and +56000 for 4 4th level spells) and additionally do not require true seeing when crafted while normal traps with true seeing would.

Magic traps cost as follows


One-Shot Trap
Each spell used in trap    +50 gp × caster level × spell level, +4 XP × caster level × spell level
Material components    + Cost of all material components
XP components    + Total of XP components × 5 gp

Automatic Reset Trap
Each spell used in trap    +500 gp × caster level × spell level, +40 XP × caster level × spell level
Material components    + Cost of all material components × 100 gp
XP components    + Total of XP components × 500 gp
They don't inherit the mechanical trap costs (see the examples).

Ah, missed that part. My apologies. Then a 4th level spell turret would cost 56000 to craft by those rules. Even if we ignore the pattern and just go by the examples in the book, a 4th level costs 28000, a 5th 45000, a 7th 91000, and a 9th 153000. Much better deal than a custom magic item or a regular trap.


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