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Author Topic: Construct Classes  (Read 3540 times)
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« on: November 19, 2010, 11:59:36 AM »

Main type becomes Construct with Living Construct subtype. Original types, if any, become subtypes.
HP d10
3/4 BAB
no saves good
2 SP
Simple, Martial, and Exotic weapons
Light, Medium, and Heavy armor, no shields

1   Slam (1d6 +1.5 STR), Hardness (equal to level, ignore Hardness of materials with natural attacks if that value is lesser), Living Construct Traits, Solid Body, +2 CON, Darkvision 30, Low Light Vision, Inevitable Power 1
2   Inevitable Patience, Darkvision 60
3   +4 racial bonus to Concentration, Spot, Listen, Search, and Sense Motive
4   Fast Healing (value equal to 1/4th of level)
5   Slam (additional Slam attack)
6   Inevitable Power 2
7   Guard, Shield Other
8   Electric Touch (1d6 for every 4 levels with grapple action or natural attacks)
9   Quickness (Ex, permanent nonmagical Haste, extra actions do not stack with Haste)
10 Size Upgrade, +2 CON, Attached Spiked Chains (two natural attacks that may replace slam attacks as a move action, otherwise as the weapon item, 2d6 damage each for size Large character)
11 Inevitable Power 3, Spell Resistance (15 + level + CON)
12 Enervation Ray (200 foot Ray, as the spell Enervation)
13 Poison Breath
14 Plane Shift SLA
15 Fists of Thunder and Lightning
16 Inevitable Power 4
17 Earthquake 3/day
18 Size Upgrade
19 Earthquake SLA
20 Miracle 1/day (lawful-oriented)

Solid Body (Ex): The character gets the following bonuses:
• +1 Natural Armor for each level of Mechanus Golem
• +1 racial Strength bonus per Mechanus Golem level and +1 racial Strength bonus per odd Mechanus Golem level. Ability score adjustments from this ability do not stack with racial and enhancement bonuses.
• Precision resistance equal to 5 x Mechanus Golem level.
• All energy types are resisted by an amount equal to Golem Warrior level.
• The character is only half healed by positive energy but also only half affected by negative energy.
• The character is healed 1 HP per caster level by Mending, and 1d4 HP per caster level by Make Whole. A Craft (Armorsmithing) check made after an hour restores an amount of HP equal to the check result.

Inevitable Patience (Ex): Add half the Mechanus Golem levels as a racial bonus to Wisdom and Charisma scores. Ability score adjustments from this ability do not stack with racial and enhancement bonuses.

Guard (Ex): Attacks directed against allies within reach get a -1  penalty for every odd Mechanus Golem level.

Shield Other (SpL): The Mechanus Warrior may designate a target within 100 feet at the beginning of each turn as a Swift action. Until the beginning of the next turn, or until the character decides to stop this ability, half of all damage the target takes is transferred to the character.

Poison Breath (Ex): The character expels a 10-foot cube cloud of poisonous gas lasting 1 round as a free action. They can not use this ability for 1d4+1 rounds after
The initial damage is 1d4 Con, secondary damage 3d4 Con, Fortitude DC (10 +1/2 level +CON) negates.

Size Upgrade (Ex): By constructing new parts and frame, the Mechanus Warrior may optionally become one size larger each time this ability is gained.

Fists of Thunder and Lightning (Su): A Mechanus Warrior's left fist delivers a loud thunderclap whenever it hits something, dealing an extra 3d6 points of sonic damage and causing the target to be deafened for 2d6 rounds (Fortitude save negates the deafness). Its right fist delivers a shock for an extra 3d6 points of electricity damage, and the flash of lightning causes the target to be blinded for 2d6 rounds (Fortitude save negates the blindness). The Fortitude saves are against a DC of 10 +1/2 level +STR.
The character may clap both hands together to apply both attacks to all opponents within a 30 foot burst if they fail a Reflex save (they must still make a Fortitude save against both blindness and deafness even if damage is avoided).

Inevitable Power (SpL):
• The Mechanus Warrior advances in spellcaster or invocation-user level at a rate of +1 per Mechanus Warrior level. Use Charisma as the primary spellcasting or invoker score. Invocation DCs are 10 +1/2 level +CHA.
• One Invocation may be readied each day and another +1 per level out of all Invocations known. Invocations are at-will spell-like abilities.
• For each rank in Inevitable Spells, increase the Mechanus Warrior's rank access likewise.
Rank 1 (levels 1 to 5)
Detect Magic
Disguise Self
Magic Weapon
Protection from Chaos
Shocking Grasp
Rank 2 (levels 6 to 10)
Air Walk
Dispel Magic
Greater Magic Weapon
Hold Person
Invisibility Purge
Magic Circle against Chaos
Zone of Truth
 Rank 3 (levels 11 to 15)
Discern Lies
Dimension Door
Dimensional Anchor
Greater Command
Greater Dispel Magic
Hold Monster
Lesser Geas
Locate Creature
Make Whole
Mark of Justice
True Seeing
Vampiric Touch (HP gain is permanent but can't exceed own HP maximum)
Rank 4 (levels 16+)
Chain Lightning
Circle of Death
Mass Inflict Wounds
Wall of Force (only 1 wall may be active)
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