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Author Topic: Undead Classes  (Read 3016 times)
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« on: November 19, 2010, 11:58:28 AM »

Gain the Vampire subtype
HP d12
1/2 BAB
4 SP
good Will saves
Simple and Martial weapons
Light and Medium armor, Shields

1   Vampire Spawn, Blood Drain (1d4 bite secondary natural attack, 1d4 CON damage as a grapple action, ability damage dealt goes as points to Blood Pool), Slam (1d6 +1.5 STR), Invocations, Daylight Weakness
2   +2 racial STR and DEX
3   Damage Reduction (5 +1/2 level, weak to silver)
4   +2 racial STR and DEX
5   Alternate Form: Bat
6   Vampire Warrior, Claws (1d4, secondary, may replace Slam or use 1 Slam and 1 Claw), Blood Drain (1d6 bite, 1d4+1 CON damage)
7   +2 racial STR and DEX
8   +2 racial INT and CHA
9   Damage Reduction weakness changes to "silver and magic", +2 racial WIS
10 +2 racial INT and CHA
11 Vampire Noble, Blood Drain (1d8 bite, 2d4 CON damage)
12 +2 racial INT and CHA
13 Alternate Form: Dire Bat, +2 racial WIS
14 +2 racial INT and CHA
15 Regeneration 1, +2 racial WIS
16 Vampire Lord, Blood Drain (2d6 bite, 3d4 CON damage)
17 Regeneration 5
18 +2 racial INT and CHA
19 Weird SLA
20 Shapechange SLA

Vampire (subtype): Vampires are a form of Undead that retain many qualities from true life, but are infused with negative energy. The character is affected by negative energy just as normal Undead are and retain most immunities, but lose the immunity to Mind-Affecting effects, critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, and exhaustion, but gain Precision Resistance, Cold Resistance, and Darkness Resistance equal to 5 x Level. They have a Blood Drain attack and Blood Pool in which food and magic are stored.

Blood Pool (Ex): Vampires store stolen blood in their bodies for later use. The Blood Pool maximum is equal to the character's CON bonus + level. Each morning, 1 Blood Point is lost. If there are no Blood Points, a Vampire is Fatigued and can not improve until fed. If a Vampire goes 3 days straight with no Blood Points, they become Exhausted instead.
Blood Points may be spent on the following abilities;
Enhance: For 1 minute add a value of 2 x Blood Points spent as an Enhancement bonus to either Strength or Dexterity. The maximum ability score bonus is equal to twice their level.
Fast Healing: For 1 minute gain Fast Healing at a value equal to the number of Blood Points spent.
Speed: For 1 minute gain +30 land speed for -1 Blood Point.

Invocations (SpL): The character uses Invocations as if a Warlock of the same level, in addition to other powers. They use Charisma as the main invoker ability score.
Only 1 Invocation +1 per level may be readied each day out of all Invocations known.
Vampire Spawn
Inflict Light Wounds
Magic Fang
Water Walk (self)
Vampire Warrior
Bull's Strength (self)
Cat's Grace (self)
Charm Person
Detect Thoughts
Gaseous Form (self)
Greater Magic Fang
Haste (self)
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Invisibility (self)
Silence (self)
Undetectable Alignment (self)
Vampire Noble
Charm Monster
Create Undead (only makes Level 1 Vampire Spawn)
Hold Person
Inflict Critical Wounds
Shadow Walk (self)
True Seeing (self)
Wind Walk (self)
Vampire Lord
Dominate Person
Hold Monster
Mass Hold Person
Mass Suggestion
Mind Blank (self)

Daylight Weakness (Ex): While exposed to daylight, magical daylight, or ultraviolet light, a Vampire loses 1 Blood Point at the end of each round, and is staggered. If they have 0 Blood Points and are in a daylight effect, they take 12 Light damage at the end of each round, and catch on fire (1d6 Fire damage).
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